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Super Thoughts and Actions Super Thoughts and Actions
Thoughts Actions Sex Survey Daredevil

Completely Redesigned for all Genders and Preferences

New to this release of the game is non-gender specific game play that allows for comfortable play among homosexual, bisexual, and heterosexual players. The cards have been carefully written so that all contact events can be played with your monogamous partner whether or not he or she is on your team. For non-monogamous players, there has never been a better ice breaker than this new release from GreatSexGames.com

Great for Team Competition

Split the party into teams and let the battle begin. Play girls vs. the boys and find out which gender is sexually smarter and braver. Or break down the teams and go couple vs. couple to discover which couple has the best sexual relationship.

Great for Couples

Every Thought card is carefully designed to engage the party in constructive conversations regarding the most common sexual and relationship problems. Every Action card was designed to reveal the most common sexual fantasies of both men and women. Playing this game with your spouse might just stoke the flames and teach you something about your partner that you never knew before playing.

Great for Singles

From college students to retirees, anyone who admits to being a sexual being can learn something from playing this game. In one hour of playing this game, you'll learn more about your sexual compatibility with other players than you could in a solid week of blind dates.

Leave the PureCheezy, Monotony and other trivial games in the closet and engage your friends in a truly one-of-a-kind experience. Super Thoughts and Actions from the makers of Sexploration Games.

Sex is fun! Play with it.

Game Contents
Over 100 challenge cards.
Sex Survey cards reveal player's sexual attitudes and experiences.
Thought cards engage players in heated conversations about sex and sexuality.
Action cards engage teams in sexually exciting challenges and competitions
Optional DareDevil cards invite teams to compete for highly challenging feats of sexual bravery.


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