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Laura RadFor the month of August we delve into each hosts' psyches. We interviewed each host in 2008. See how they thought about the world three years ago, and if their outlook on their future will be correct in three years.

Laura Rad dusts off the memory of her first time on the show.

What was Laura's most difficult creative disagreement she's had with Kidder?

Where does Laura see the show going in the future? Where does she want the show to go?

What's Laura learning at skool? What's she gonna be when she grows up? Where does one go to skool to have a career in sexual health?

Laura discovered that the universe is kicking her ass into where she's supposed to be.

When Laura graduates and becomes a professional sexual health expert, will she keep her public persona?

Laura Rad discusses humility, books, and worrying about sharing intimate details about her sex life. But she does want her husband to dress up in costume.

How does Laura intend to teach her kids about sex?

Have you ever given any advice that turned out to be bad advice?

Does your husband resent that you spend so much time working on Sex is Fun?

What is your relationship with other SiF members outside of SiF?

Has being on SiF changed your relationship with your other friends?

Have you ever been treated like a famous person for being on SiF?

What is your religious identity?

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