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Pretty LegsBack on March 21st, 2011 we intended to talk about Cosmo Sex Tips, but call Jade and get very distracted. Cosmo Sex Tips, coming up on a future episode!

Jade tells us about changes in her and her relationship with Kidder since they got back from Desire. Jade says she is having an easier time with all has happened since Desire that Kidder has. She finds it interesting how easy and comfortable it is for her to continue her relationship with the man she full-swapped with in Desire and isn't spending much time processing or thinking about it or what it means to her relationship with Kidder.

Jade talks about her, "disclosure glitch." She has a very hard time admitting that she was lying to Kidder but eventually explains that she broke a promise she made to Kidder about full disclosure.

Kidder brings up a conflict between what Jade wants and what Kidder is comfortable giving her. Jade wants to go, meet new people, flirt and make out. Kidder isn't comfortable opening their relationship anymore than it currently is at this time.

Laura Rad wants to know if Jade and Kidder intend to play separately since they aren't comfortable doing the same stuff.

Kidder admits that he's dealing with some debilitating insecurities and won't be able to continue playing unless he becomes completely comfortable with it. Their relationship has incurred some very major trust-threatening setbacks and Kidder is having trouble moving forward.

Kidder asks if there is anything more than time that can fix his insecurity he feels about Jade breaking trusts in the relationship. Gay Rick says that if Jade makes sure to make Kidder feel very special and important in the relationship it will help him cope with the breach in trust. (Stay tuned to future episodes to find out if Jade did this or just did the exact opposite).

Laura Rad suggests that they look into their past and find meaning into the future.

Jade doesn't think that lying is all that big of a deal when she's lying to Kidder. Kidder and the rest of the staff may disagree with her. (Stay tuned to future episodes of to find out if Jade's lies end up not being a big deal or continue and seriously destroy the relationship).

This look into the past is very telling about where their relationship is now. 

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