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Our Recording Location!Kidder, Lorax, Cooper and Marylin sit down at Desire and give first impressions on the resort.

You'll learn about guy on guy action, how emotions can become super intense, and how everyone's relationships are growing and changing.

Learn more about Life on the Swingset

Join Smitten Kitten and Ana Voog on March 11th! Selections from Ana Voog's webcam on display.

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Wow, sounds like a fun time! Wish we could've gone... anywho, you briefly mentioned a "flamewar" between SexIsFun and Swingercast about male bisexuality at swinging events, and we was curious to read more about that. We used to listen to Swingercast and thought they were pretty on the level, but it sounded like on this argument they took a stance that we don't agree with at all. We're with Kidder in that we believe that swinging should be open to all, and it always irks us that most of the parties seem to exclude gay or bisexual men. It is a total double-standard.

Anyway, mind pointing us in the direction of that flamewar? I believe it was on a forum somewhere? Just would be curious to read what was said...

And when is your next Desire trip?!? :)

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