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We have a few drinks with Greg Delong of Njoy Toys. Kidder discovers that Nina Hartley is a fan of what Sex is Fun does. WOW! Kidder also discovers that Jamye Waxman is also a big fan of the show and book. Smitten Kitten knows how to throw a party. Extreme Restraints takes us out for dinner and we talk extreme toys and board games. Gay Rick went out with Smitten Kitten to a gay d ance club and has a fantastic time. Kidder kicks ass at craps.

Gay Rick ditches the straights and heads out to get laid, which he

does. Lorax and Kidder go to the Kasidie after-party at the Green Door on-premise Sex Club. Kidder makes stupid mistake after stupid mistake but eventually just ends up making out with a hot woman who makes it all A-OK. Then Ron Jeremy walks in... 

Porn is dying as free access to porn is killing the industry. The industry is beginning to realize that the prices on our games are reasonable as every other sex game sucks. 

Awesome people we met/saw:
Ron Jeremy
Jen Pritchett of Smitten Kitten 
Greg Delong
Buck Angle
Nina Hartley
Jamye Waxman

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