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This year's picks for the best sex products.

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Wet & Slippery

Boy Butter Personal Lubricant

Dear Santa,
This year has truly been a year of self-exploration.  And by this I mean masturbation.  Lots and lots of masturbation.  Really...a lot of it.  I mean at least two times a day on work days.  So, it is with this in mind that I ask you for my Holiday Buyer's Guide Pick-of-the-Year: Boy Butter Personal Lubricant.

Now Santa, I understand you're probably thinking - that Gay Rick is such a f$%&#*g sell-out; Boy Butter is his freakin' sponsor on the Sex is Fun podcast.  But Santa, everyone knows my favorite anal sex lubes; this is my masturbation lube.  I want to use this to pull one out before watching Matt Lauer on the Today Show and to squirt on the wall behind me after Chelsea Lately.  

This stuff stays slick when I'm choking the chicken.  As you probably [creepily] know, I like to jack off for an hour at a time.  Reapplication is rare.  When I'm getting a hand job, I hate it when my partner needs to stop in order to reapply lube.  In order to change the world, I want you to give this to every masturbating man out there.  If I were Oprah, I'd give a bottle of this to the 300 screaming soccer moms in my studio audience so they could give world-class stroke jobs.

You're probably wondering if this stuff is going to be safe with my sex toys.  You know what, Santa?  Boy Butter can be used with silicone, rubber and glass sex toys.  All this stuff will do is aid the process of cramming something up my ass!
This coconut oil-based lubricant is blended with an organic silicone ingredient that is often used in massage oils and hair conditioners.  As I'm sure you're aware, when I'm a decent boy, I use conditioners to jack off my partners in the shower.  If you were to bring me numerous bottles of Boy Butter, I'd use that instead in order to give hand jobs while lying in my bed post drunken-debauchery.  Then I'd always be on the Nice List.
As you probably know from your stalker-like watching of the world's population, most of the silicone lubes that I like stain my sheets.  I'm pretty sure you can find stains all over my bed from the activities that put me on your Naughty List.  If Rudolph were to buck-kick bottles of Boy Butter down the chimney clogging the flume, my computer chair would be stain-free.  I would only need to throw down a hand-towel to catch my jizz instead of the full-size, plush, jumbo-towel that protects the chair from my lube and seed.
Post-coitus my room reeks of sex - nasty, piggy, upside-down, face-in-the-pillow, screaming-so-loud-the-neighbors-two-floors-up-can hear, toe-curling sex.  Let's be honest - jizz and butt-sex have some pretty obvious odors.  And to be even more honest, that's all I want to smell.  Not some glycerin-filled lube.  Boy Butter is odorless which is why your pudgy, little hands need to wrap up 30 bottles to put under my XXX-mas tree.
I do indeed remember that this is an oil-based lubricant and should not be used with latex condoms.  As your fat-ass is probably also aware of, I am a HIV educator.  This stuff will wear down latex.  It should only be used for masturbation or if I'm having sex with a fluid-bonded partner.

So Santa, bring me some Boy Butter Personal Lubricant.  If you're good, I may even give you a handy.

Gay Rick
P.S. Please don't worry about me thinking about Mrs. Claus' cookies.  I'm gay.  

LELO Personal Moisturizer

LELO Personal Moisturizer is an unscented, glycerin and paraben-free water- based lube. It is safe to use with all of your favorite LELO toys. You can also use it condoms and silicone toys.

LELO Personal Moisturizer comes in 75mL (2.5 fl. oz.) and 150mL (5 oz.) sizes so you can even pack it in your carry-on. The 75mL bottle comes with a convenient flip top for single-handed use, and the 150mL bottle is equipped with a pump.

The consistency is fairly thin so be aware when you pop the top so as not to use too much. A little bit goes a long way with this! Have no fear if too much comes out of the bottle and drips onto your sheets - it wonʼt leave a stain and will come right out in the wash.

We have all used lube that is not exactly delightful to the taste buds, but LELO Personal Moisturizer Is surprisingly sweet - likely due to the Aspartame. Other ingredients include Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice, Guarana extract, and Ginseng extract. As I would expect from LELO, they fully disclose the ingredients so you can be an informed consumer!

If you are looking to expand your LELO collection beyond toys, then pick up a bottle of LELO Personal Moisturizer and let the orgasms begin!

Tristan Taorminoʼs Rough Sex 2

I was extremely excited when Vivid released Tristan Taorminoʼs Rough Sex DVD in 2009. Chock full of really hot fantasies, Rough Sex was one of my favorite porn flicks last year. You can imagine my excitement when I heard wind of Rough Sex 2! Rough Sex 2 depicts six different fantasies and pushes farther into the realm of BDSM.

Rough Sex 2 features some of the same sexy stars as the first film, and introduces some new hotties to the mix. Adrianna Nicole, Madison Young, Dylan Ryan, James Deen, Bobbi Starr, and all the others offer up fantasies from food to pony play, knives to strap-ons and gang bangs to spanking. There is something for everyone!

Each scene begins with an interview of all the actors involved so you hear a bit of background before you see their scenes play out. In addition to the assurance that all the actors are engaging in consensual sex, itʼs a really nice touch to get to know the actors and hear about their desires before watching the super hot sex!
If you are looking for some new things to fantasize about or try out in real life, Rough Sex 2 will give you plenty of ideas!

Reviewed by Coochie

Lelo Siri

Coochie's Review
The SIRI is the newest exquisite vibrator from LELO. Following the style of the MONA and INA, the SIRI offers a small yet incredibly powerful vibrator perfect for those who are looking for something more compact. The SIRI has six different modes to offer you just the right thing at that crucial moment.

The small size guarantees a concentrated vibration, for those who want direct stimulation. But donʼt be fooled by its size - the SIRI packs a lot of power while measuring low on decibels. You will feel the vibration in your hand, due to its small size. If this bothers you I would steer you towards the MONA, IRIS, ELISE, LIV, or GIGI that will put more distance between your hand and the motor.

The SIRI is good for use with partners. Its small footprint nestles well between bodies, though it is a little bulkier than the NEA and LILY. It will also easily fit into luggage, handbags, or glove compartments so you can take it anywhere you go. It even comes with a carrying pouch. With its locking feature you will be able to conserve battery power and avoid a mysterious buzzing sound at an inopportune moment.

Unlike the rest of the LELO vibrators, the SIRIʼs controls are on the top. This makes it impossible to access them with oneʼs thumb and I found it a little difficult to change the settings while in use. I was able to quickly orient myself with each of the four buttons so as not to accidentally change the mode.

The SIRI is a great addition to the newer line of LELO vibrators and will round out your collection nicely so youʼre sure to have the right tool for the right orgasm!

Lorax's Review 
The SIRI is a small rechargeable vibe that fits in your hand. It is slightly bigger than the the LELO NEA and LILY. It claims to be the most powerful LELO vibe. 

The SIRI is contoured to nestle between your labia and focus the vibrations on your clitoris. I found the shape of the SIRI did a very good job of focusing the vibrations to your clitoris and keeping the rest of your labia from becoming numb. 
The SIRI is fully adjustable, with constant vibration and various pulsating modes. I found the constant vibration modes to be the most useful. The SIRI is also amazingly quite, you will be able to use it with another person laying right next to you and they will not know.

The SIRI is larger than the NEA or LILY, and therefore is a little awkward to use during intercourse. In standard missionary position it got in the way and was uncomfortable to keep between you and your partner. In doggie-style position it was easier to hold in place and keep from being pressed into my pubic bone, but the vibrations are focused to such a spot that you want to place it lower on your labia, and it did get in the way of the penetration.

As with all LELO products the SIRI is rechargeable and runs for four hours once charged. It comes in a black case with a satin pouch, in red, purple, or pink.

Lelo's New Bondage Line

Intima Silk Blindfold
Tired of the knots on you neckties coming undone?  Intimidated by blindfolds from your local kink store?  Annoyed with the handkerchief slipping down your partner's face while you're trying to surprise them with a nipple-pinch?  The LELO Intima Silk Blindfold may be just what you need.  

This sensual, elegant silk blindfold adds an element of intrigue and surprise to your sexual rendezvous.  In true LELO form, the Intima comes in enticing and rich colors - purple, black and red. Never worry about buckles or snaps again!  The 1.5" (4.5cm) width Intima wraps around the head and keeps a snug fit with its elastic adjuster on the back of the head.  In all, the silk blindfold fits heads just over 25" (64cm) around; make sure to measure your head because the Intima can feel snug at first.  Just like tight clothing, it will loosen up with time the longer and more frequently it is worn.  The gentle silk is breathable, eliminating uncomfortable eye-sweat.

 Pair the Intima Silk Blindfold with other LELO accessories such as the Tantra Feather Teaser, the Boa Pleasure Ties, or to really ramp it up, the Sensua Suede Whip.  The Intima provides the framework for new sexual experiences that will keep your partner on their toes.
Review by Gay Rick
Tantra Feather Teaser
Review by Gay Rick
Lelo®, purveyor of high-quality toys, has taken a dive into the world of sensation play with this fun, new toy: the Tantra Feather Teaser.  This luxurious 8.5" erotic tool combines a polished metal and acrylic handle with soft, down feathers that come in three, royal colors: black, red and purple.  

Put on a bowtie and a pair of briefs, or some stilettos and an apron while your partner watches you gently dust the insides of their thighs, along their ribs and around their nipples.  Add an element of control to the experience by blindfolding your partner as you tease shivers of delight out of them.  Take it a step further by tying them to the bed while you elicit uncontrollable laughter from deep within them by brushing the underside of their feet.
The metal and acrylic handle has noticeable weight; add gentle impact-play to your sex session.  Tap the inside arches of your partners feet, the insides of their thighs, their buttocks or any large muscle.  The change in sensation will keep your partner clueless as to what you'll do next.

This gift may seem small but with a creative mind it provides enormous sensation.  To add an element of anticipation, give your partner a coupon promising an evening of sexual delight and sensation overload.  For $24 USD, the Lelo® Tantra Feather Teaser is the gift that continues to surprise even after it is unwrapped.
Review by Coochie
LELO is expanding their line of products into the world of non-mechanical luxurious accessories. If you are looking to tease your partnerʼs nipples, tickle their inner thighs, or heat up their hind end the Sensua Suede Whip is the right toy for you. Its attractive translucent acrylic and metal handle fits comfortably in oneʼs hand, allowing accurate control over the 8.5-inch falls.

The suede is very soft, so it makes for a great toy for the novice user. For more advanced players it is a nice addition to oneʼs collection, offering a nice warm up, sensory experience, or learning tool. Swung hard enough there is a bit of a bite to the Sensua Suede Whip, but due to the soft suede its effects are relatively short-lived.

The LELO Sensua Suede Whip is also a nice toy for use on those delicate body parts like breasts, thighs, armpits, vulvas, and penises. Its short length will allow you to come closer to your partner and make eye contact as you treat their body to various sensations. Just be aware that it is suede and will be difficult to clean if you are concerned with safer sex measures.
If youʼre looking to add to your collection a versatile toy that travels well and tantalizes all the senses, check out the LELO Sensua Suede Whip.

Fun Factory Cobra Libre

Is that your cell phone, good sir?  Oh my!  That certainly is not your cell phone!  That's the newest toy from Fun Factory, the Cobra Libre and it's resting on the head of your cock!
The Cobra Libre is Fun Factory's latest product to enhance male masturbation.  It is 6" x 3" with a 2 ½" sleeve for penetration.  The plastic body is wrapped around a colorful, silicone sleeve.  It is sleek, easy to hold and comes in a variety of colors.

Typically, male masturbation toys are either stroking devices or prostate stimulators; the Libre provides a third option - two motors that vibrate independently, stimulating the glans (head) of the penis.  This new experience can help make a firm erection steel-hard.
The sleeve is put directly onto the head of the cock.  The user then decides whether to hold it still, use short thrusts, roll it around, or all of the above.  Some men may be able to ejaculate from the sensations.  In order to promote ejaculation, abstain from regular masturbation prior to using this glorious toy.  Sex is Fun recommends using a water-based lubricant prior to penetrating the toy.

The Cobra Libre has varying motor speeds, which shapes a unique masturbatory session - enjoy short, strong pulses followed by long, mild pulses; maximize your pleasure with one ongoing vibration.  This toy may be overwhelming for those with a sensitive glans.

Up the ante by restraining your partner and then using the Libre to edge them to the brink of orgasm; the hands-free orgasm can be shocking and most welcome.  Try the Cobra Libre this holiday season - your cock (or your partner's) will thank you.

Review by Gay Rick

Feeldoe More

I canʼt say enough about the Feeldoe line of toys! These strapless strap-ons are great for more spontaneous sex and an open, free feeling. The Feeldoe More offers well, more! More length, more girth, and more pleasure. I particularly enjoy it because other versions have left me wanting more length, due to the position of the dildo. With the Feeldoe More I feel I have plenty of length to position myself in just the right spot to get my partner off.
With more girth and length comes more weight, so this will really give your muscles a workout. Iʼve found a couple different positions work better than others to help keep the dildo in place. On the occasions where my thrusting was so vigorous that I couldn't keep my grip, I held onto the base of the More and used my arms to finish the job.
Despite its apple red color I really feel like the Feeldoe More is my cock and thoroughly enjoy fucking my partners. It offers up a great view, a rare treat that is different from my usual perspective. The design works well for vaginal, anal and oral sex. And letʼs not forget that itʼs a great cock to masturbate with!

Check out the Feeldoe More and open your world to more pleasure.

Review by Coochie

Pump It Up

Draw a bath and soap up your goodies. You'll want them clean and fresh for the experience you are about to have with his extraordinary new toy. It is the The Bathmate Hydro Penis Pump and it is a revolutionary negative pressure device. Unlike other penis pumps that use negative air pressure with a vacuum pump, The Bathmate gently sucks your penis with warm water. The result is a sensation that rivals the feeling of a warm mouth with the vacuum pressure that exceeds any air pump we've tried.

It is quite easy to use. Simply submerge it under water and allow it to fill completely so that it is completely void of air. Then place it over your penis and push it downward. As you press down water will be squeezed out of the one-way valve at the top. Then simply let go of the contraption and the device will begin to engage sucking you inside with all its might. Watch through the plastic as you swell inside to gargantuan proportions. When you feel as though you are ready for more just press it a little more tightly to your body and it will increase its suction on you like a thirsty prostitute named Trixy.

When you've had enough fun getting sucked harder than you've ever believed possible, simply break the seal around the base and it will slowly release you and your greatly enlarged member.

Negative pressure increases circulation which increases sensation as well as girth and length. The resulting erection is one that is larger but somewhat softer than the standard variety. The kind of cock that is perfect for oral sex or any activity where fullness is more important than
Review by Kidder Kaper

Outlaw Leather Harnesses

Outlaw Leather is a small company that makes great quality harnesses. Their harnesses are two-strap, made of leather and sit lower than many others. Their design places the hole for the dildo directly on your pubic mound allowing the harness to rub against your clit with use. The makes the harness extremely fun for both people! The lower placement also makes the harness very stable and the dildo very easy to control.
I have found while using my Outlaw Leather harness I can get into just the right angle and position to cum. I can thrust while rubbing my clit against the harness and the movement is the kind of movement the bottom likes as well. Some find the straps of the harness rub against their skin a little, and this can easily be solved by wearing it over a sexy pair of panties, or by placing a small piece of cloth between the harness and their pubic mound. 
Outlaw leather's unique design of two holes allows the wearer to use a double ended dildo, or two dildos and penetrate themselves while they are penetrating someone else. The holes are offset just a tad, so I have always used two separate dildos, but with a little adjusting a double ended dildo should work as well.
If you find during play that you want to change the dildo, Outlaw Leather has made this rather easy. The face plate of the harness unsnaps allowing you to easily change out the dildo without removing the harness. Outlaw Leather includes a single O ring and a single nitrile ring. My recommendation to make this even easier is to buy a couple extra nitrile rings, place them on your dildos before you begin and then you are able to just re-snap the harness with the new rings and not worry about shoving the new dildo through the same ring.

Outlaw leather makes several different styles. Whether you are looking for something a little feminine or something more punk, they have you covered. 
Reviewed by Lorax

Sex is Fun - Creative Ideas for Exciting Sex 

From sex educator Kidder Kaper comes the first fully illustrated sex manual to blend a graphic novel format with interactive exercises. Carefully designed to include all genders, orientations, and preferences, this book really does have something for everyone.

Sex is Fun, The Book - $20 

Games for Couples

Sex is Fun, Game.
Open up to your partner and start communicating in ways that make sexual exploration easy and fun. Find out how well you know your partner and get ready to move your relationship to the next level of sexual adventure. Seven different banks of cards challenge you and your partner to explore desires, fantasies, and predict each other's next move. Six completely different card categories allow for daring, wagering, bluffing, and competing with each other to take it a step further with each card drawn. No other game that has existed before or since has been this easy to play, and covered such a wide variety of sexual interest. Pick up a copy and unleash the sexual potential of your relationship today.

Do you ever feel like you are doing the same old routine in the bedroom? Unpredictable will get you out of that rut. Take ten minutes to sit down with your partner(s), deal each person four cards and let the fun begin. By game's end you will have determined foreplay, core-play, intercourse, and after-play. With over 50 cards to choose from and thousands of possibilities, sex has never been so varied and spontaneous!

The ultimate gift for couples

Sex is Fun Trip to Desire 
Spend a week in a clothing optional paradise with your friends from Sex is Fun. Experience a sensual Eden of sexual permissiveness with a whole bunch of friendly and open minded people. Take the trip of a lifetime and give your relationship an experience that will bring you enough intimacy and excitement to serve you both for  the rest of your lives together.  

Desire in Cancun,  February 19th-26th 2011. It isn't just a vacation, it is a fantasy come true.

Desire in Cancun - $510 Per night

Sex Games for Parties

The Adventures of Dick & Virginia
Through Dick and Virginia, you and your friends will compete to give the best advice. Find out how well your advice is received and how other players handle sex and relationship quandaries. Challenge your friends to a contest of scruples, persuasion, and friendly debate over the most common sex and relationship issues.

The Adventures of Dick & Virginia  - $13

Super Thoughts & Actions Daredevil
If Truth and Dare got a mainline injection of steroids and aphrodisiacs and ate nothing but a diet of hardcore pornography, it would still be only a fraction of fun compared to this latest release of the classic Thoughts and Actions party game. Made for all players regardless of orientation or relationship status.

Super Thoughts & Actions - $30

SwingSet - The Card Game
Swing Set challenges players to fulfill sexy adventures with each other in a fast-paced, competitive arena that is unlike anything you have played before. Whether you are a woman interested in trying some girl-on-girl activities or a guy who'd like to be buried up to his eyeballs in warm naked breasts, this game has something for you. 
SwigSet  - $20

Sex is Fun Spin The Bottle

From sex-educator Kidder Kaper of the Sex is Fun Podcast, book and adult party games comes the most advanced version of spin the bottle you will ever play. Tell the game whether you want to kiss men, women or both, and secretly opt out of kissing certain individuals. Available for iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

Sex is Fun Spin the Bottle for iPhone and iPad    - $2

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