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Today we're learning how to cheat on God's number one punishment to women.

According to our guest, not only can giving birth not be painful, but it can also be orgasmic.

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Today we interview John Stark from wesleeptogether.blogspot.com about his new audiobook of erotic open relationship stories.

My mailbox is full of samples from people and companies schlepping something that they believe is the next big thing in the sex industry. On any given day of the week, I'll come into the office and see a box on my desk that may contain alien shaped and colored dildos, a patented penis stretching device, or on a good day, a box of artificial vaginas fresh off the mold from some porn star I've never even heard of. But every once in a while I find a rare gem that really "hits me where I live," to steal a line from Laura Rad.

Today it wasn't a cardboard box, it wasn't a glossy new book, or a KitchenAid powered sex machine, it was a simple CD labeled plainly with a Sharpie marker, "Small Things, by John Stark." For those of you who are longtime fans of the Sex is Fun Podcast, you'll remember that John Stark is the blogger who writes about his open relationship adventures with his wife on his blog wesleeptogether.blogspot.com. He's also earned himself a bit of additional internet fame by being the feature model in our "Male Masturbation Video" featured here, just incase you missed it.

John has been working for the past several years writing his novella that is based on everything from his voyeuristically entertaining dates to him processing the death of his father. Missing from his book is the formulaic storyline that is common in books and movies featuring open-relationship drama. I'm sure you've seen it before, boy and girl are madly in love and begin spicing up their sex lives with a few extra partners. Eventually the main characters realize that having orgasms with others is causing trauma to their very souls and either shed their other partners and solidify their monogamous-normalcy with heartfelt background music, or they disintegrate into a world of drugs and betting on illegal cock-fights in a dingily little town where the locals only speak Esperanto.

Failing to meet publisher's expectations with an after-school message about the dangers of open-relationships, forced John to self-publish his book. But instead of contacting his closest vanity-press in Bangladesh India, he decided to REALLY do it all himself by producing an audiobook, written and narrated by the writer. The result is a very well recorded and well rounded story that at times will have you laughing, touching yourself, or swallowing hard to hold back the emotions that are likely to be brought forth when experiencing this audiobook.

For longtime fans of John Stark, this is a must own. For those that enjoy erotic audio wrapped in a story, this is a purchase that I believe you will enjoy. 

Available at CDBaby.com & iTunes for $10 Runtime: ~5 Hours

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