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Kidder KaperFor the month of August we delve into each hosts' psyches. We interviewed each host in 2008. See how they thought about the world three years ago, and if their outlook on their future will be correct in three years.

What was Kidder's biggest worry about doing the show when he first began?

Where is the show going?

Kidder discusses entering autumn and his darkest phase of the year and reality that continuing to attempt changing the world is going to continue making some people upset.

Why has Sex is Fun maintained the leading position in the podcast ranks even though established names in sex education have shown up in the podcast medium?

How did you choose your co-hosts and how do each of them contribute to the show?

Kidder talks about how working on the show has affected his relationship with his wife.

Kidder talks about his fleeting contentment with all of his accomplishments.

Kidder Kaper is great friends with some of the staff on the show outside of work, except for Laura Rad, with whom he maintains a purely professional relationship. Kidder remembers a time when he thinks he may have offended Laura Rad.

Kidder talks about his ultimate super-human power if he could have any super power.

Which Star Wars Movie was the very best?

Laura Rad asks out of nowhere, "Are you happy?"

Has Kidder Kaper picked up any new fetishes after being on the show?

Is Kidder a sex snob?

Kidder hates stupid people.

Kidder is Samurai, Jade is Geisha.

If Kidder could have a completely different career, what would it be?

What's up with Bathtalk?

Do you believe in life after death?

What would cause you change your belief in God?

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