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Get Shot Naked Boudoir Photos with Natalie with Natalie Kita
"There's no such thing as an ugly woman, only lazy ones." Coco Chanel

How to weed out the creepy photography subjects.
How to look your best for a boudoir photo shoot.
Makeup, posing, lighting, and Photoshop are your friends!

How to take sexy, seductive photos of men.
Kidder believes you can't.

What should you look for in a good boudoir photographer?
How much does a boudoir photographer cost?

How to find local boudoir photographers.
Use wedding photographers as references.

Who of the hosts has a sexy naked photo?

We learn Kidder hates sexy photos of men, and what parts he actually thinks can be sexy on a man.

Rick waxes poetically over potential nude photos of Kidder.

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This was a fun episode; well done, cast!

I do wonder about Kidder's position with regard to the possibility of sexy pictures of men; it made me think about a theory put forth by the blogger Figleaf on his blog, Figleaf's Real Adult Sex. If I understand him correctly, much of what ails society stems from what he says are two "bogus rules of desire," imposed by a male-dominated society and supported by unsuspecting victims everywhere. The bogus rules are as follows:

First, it is simultaneously inconceivable and intolerable for a woman to have sexual desire.
Second, it is simultaneously inconceivable and intolerable for a man to be sexually desired.

Keep in mind that these rules don't describe the world as it is, but rather describe the world as some influential people wanted it to be. Adherence to the rules is widespread, which is shown by how many customs, attitudes and perspectives seem to reflect them. He has a lot of posts on his blog that explain the idea better than I can.

What I'm curious about is whether Kidder's aversion to sexy pics of men is related to Figleaf's bogus rule #2: men can't be sexy in a picture because it would be unthinkable for men to be sexually desired. I realize that there was a lot of levity in the conversation during the interview with Natalie Kita, but it isn't really true that "nobody wants to see" a picture of a penis; poor taste or not, there are plenty of people who do, both male and female.

I think it might be interesting for you to communicate with Figleaf, and maybe even have him on a future episode to talk about the "No Sex Class" and the "Bogus Two Rules of Desire."

Thanks for doing what you do!

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