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Sex is Fun hosts a trip for 30 couples to the clothing optional, sex inspired resort and spa, Desire in Cancun Mexico.

Interesting Events in this show:

• Guy on guy blow-job in hot tub

• Lorax hosts a 12 person orgy in the great outdoors

• Kidder learns to manage his yucky feelings and knows how to communicate them so that Jade can help him get back to feeling special.

• Lorax is the cruise director.

• Jade finds a man (Dr. Hoot) that she's very attracted to and realizes that her attraction to him and the connection she's made with him is making her feel a new desire to go further than they ever have before

• Kidder and Jade begin communicating in a whole new way and it is good

• Kidder and Jade plan a full swap which half becomes a reality

• Kidder, Jade, Lorax and Jade have a slumber party

• Lorax and Kidder Kaper engage in an epic make-out session that ends 5 years of pent up sexual tension

• Kidder, Jade, Lorax, FKS, Dr. Hoot and, Mrs. Hoot have a Sixum

• Reclamation sex is good

• Lorax and FKS hook up with a hot British couple that rock and can rock all night long

• Lorax notices that FKS is being distant and realizes that perhaps her hickey collection is making him uncomfortable

• FKS is working on his communication skills, Kidder is trying to be a bit more like FKS

Listen to the Enhanced Podcast now!

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