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Lorax and Kidder are having it out with each other at the beginning of this show. It is winter and they both need a tropical vacation.

Kidder's teen sex education comic book series is being produced as we speak. Money is starting to flow in and it may perhaps be time to create a non-profit organization and separate all our teen sex educational efforts from our adult sex ed. Craig Gross and Kidder have continued lengthy discussion about the comic series and finished the first book to be written by Kidder with Craig as an adviser. Heather Corinna from Scarleteen.com opts to not help us with the Teen Sex Education Series because of Craig Gross's involvement which means that she won't be involved with the comic series at all. This bums us out because we thought she was super cool.

Dildo Product Review - Real Deal Cock and Balls
Gay Rick tests so many butt toys that he gets a hemorrhoid.

Real Deal Dildo - $16.95

Product Review - OOO Boutique Condoms

These condoms are small (as in made for smaller penises) expensive, but nicely packaged.

Product Review - Xplozion Ejaculation Pills

Kidder goes headstrong into the shit-storm once again and reviews a penis pill. Xplozion pills are supposed to make your ejaculations massive. Kidder and Gay Rick take two and head off to the hand-job room to see if they work.

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Download SiF #263 - Mormon Porn??

Max works for a company that produces gay porn staring Mormons for Mormons. In this most interesting show we learn all about the complete and utter insanity that is the Mormon faith, including magic underwear. Mormons aren't known for being gay-friendly, in fact they are quite often the most politically active opposition for gay rights that currently exist in America. They've taken control of the BoyScouts and have integrated themselves into a massive number of very profitable businesses. It is very likely that you are unknowingly funding their sex-negative, anti-homosexual dirty politics by simply buying the products that you use every single day. 

So www.mormonboyz.com exists to help gay Mormon men escape the insanity by providing a revenue stream for them so that they have some support as their church and family disown them from the world that they were born into. 

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