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Laura Rad is back from having a baby! Kidder's been busy working on a new teen sex ed series that has scared the heck out of even really open minded sex educators. Get a first glimpse of it at

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You shouldn't give up on the series! I understand that the laws are prohibiting and publishing them will be hard, but thanks to the internet this is beyond just one state or just one country. This series will be helpful to many people all over the world. Please give it another thought.


From what I can see, and from my perspective, the comic series isn't taking it too far. Of course it has a level of Explicit Content, but that's because it involves Sexual Health. As a gay male, I tend to not like seeing the lady parts, but I feel that this was clearly and responsibly portrayed. Every woman would benefit from this! There are probably several who have given up on tampons because they just didn't get it right. I'm a subscriber to the show and fully support the forward motion of this project.


As a note, my comment about "I tend to not like seeing the lady parts" that it doesn't go to a vulgar graphic level. The image you were concerned about or that got the most negative attention of the woman spreading her labia, simply didn't offend. You put the text over the area that may be perceived as sexual. It seemed like a self censoring image.
Of course when you get to P.I.V. or any other penetrative or stimulative genital contact, you can't hide that behind a text box. But that's the nature of the beast. I had to learn about sex from a B&W medical journal that while detailed, was in no way comprehensive, and was far too clinical. Sex is not clinical. Sex is fun.

I'm furious that something of this nature can't be published! I'm the mother of a 15 and 10 yr old girl. One is comfortable talking with me openly the other is not. However when it came time for my oldest to need to use a tampon (swim class) I can't begin to tell you how frustrating it was for both of us. There I sat outside the bathroom door trying to explain to her what to do, how far to insert, to take the applicator or, how it should feel, how to tell if its in right, and how to take it out. It was such a diasterous experience for her it was 2 years later before she finally decided enough was enough and asked to be taken in to see a doctor to help her figure it out. How many other girls go through this? I fear for the day my younger daughter ( who is a nervous creature to begin with) has to figure this out and is too uncomfortable to ask for help. Perhaps this is something that could be marketed to tampon manufacturers where a flyer could be put in the box, and people could order this.

Its a sad day that its legal for our kids to use a product, but its not for us to give them the instructions on HOW to use it.

I think that we should have books like these on the market for parents and kids. As a 17 year old male, I did not have any "formal" education. When I was 13, my dad gave me a playboy and told me that I will start having different feelings towards girls. And thats about it.
I first came across sex when I was 10 and watching HBO early in the morning. It was a show called Real Sex. I, as many other pre-teens, were fascinated by the subject because it was interesting and something new to learn. Luckily, I found sources that weren't completely trashy and was not as naive as some others. However, my friends were very misguided during puberty. They held girls as sexual objects rather than people. And as such, the disrespect towards women starts. If I had listened to my friends back then, I would be trying to have sex with every super model.
Personally, I think that parents should take the most responsibility but also schools. We need to have books for these touchy subjects. Beleive me, sex talk with your parents isn't as easy as it seems, for either side. Parents need to stop being so ignorant and teach their children about sex and puberty. Otherwise, our kids will "learn it on the streets" and who knows what ideas they will have of sex.
Go kidder!

I really hope that this series someday can in some form or another be published. As a mother of a son and step-daughter, I find this type of information important to have when making sure my kids are well informed. I looked at the tampon pamphlet and found nothing offensive other than the fact you "had" to sensor the one panel (although I think your compromise was better than taking the panel out completely). This kind of information is what needs to be out there. This is the kind of education I want for MY kids. What I don't understand is why people are "throwing fits" over such information being available. If you don't want your kids to see it, then don't give it to them. The book should be made available to adults who can make the decision to give it to their kids if this is about "what about the kids" kind of BS. Anyhow, that's just my thoughts. Please keep up the good work. I hope you'll post more of these types of things in the future and I made the decision to give them to my kids.

I think this is a fantastic idea and would use it as a tool to help me explain to a future daughter. However I'd hope that you include non-applicator tampons as well. They can be easier for some and obviously there's no worry of plastic or cardboard pinching your labia. Also, if it's not planned yet maybe mention tampon alternatives too. A girl's got to find her comfort zone for making menses tolerable.

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