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After a quick discussion about shaving pubic hair we dig in and start talking about sex, politics and advocacy. Our guest, Amy Brugh drops a crazy new theory on us about oatmeal and sexual health. When did human kind become so sex negative. 89%-90% of Minnesotan's want comprehensive sex education for their children. Now we just gotta figure out how to get rid of the stupidest 10%. How does an idea turn into a sex-positive bill? How does a sex-positive bill become a sex-positive law? Want to change the world? Get five people to write a letter to a congress-person.

Kidder tells his comprehensive sex education story. It has very little drama so it is not much fun to hear. Kidder's super-human ability is that people tell him about their sex lives. Amy gives him some tips for being a good advocate when using his special ability.

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