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See us at the Adult Entertainment Expo, January 6-9, 2011 at the Sands Expo Center in Las Vegas! Kidder gets a super futuristic bidet from and his ass will never be the same.

A listener writes us regarding episode #176 and #177 Breast Cancer and the Post-Mastectomy Body. She had a different take on what was best for her after her mastectomy.

Laura Rad reviews the Pleasure Ball from Extreme Restraints. A 77 year-old caller loves the book, and his G-Rider he got from Smitten Kitten. A caller tells Kidder that he doesn't know crap about Mythology. That begins a rant about samurai and Jedi, and how Yoda doesn't have the foresight of a donkey with blinders on. A caller wants to know how she too can make a fortune from being a sex educator.

Kidder and the gang attempt to use the word, "frak" instead of its better known but more offensive cousin in an attempt to make their more prudish listeners happy. Chances are they'll still get offended because they'll eventually figure out that a word is just a word and the meaning is the same no matter how you pronounce it and they are just being irrationally sensitive about that which is merely a word. Even if they said, "Shucks," "gosh-darn," "golly," and "heck," every time they wanted to say, "fuck," they'd still mean, "fuck," so it hardly matters, now does it?

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