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Voicemail show: As a "gift" to our listeners, we've decided to dedicate an entire show to nothing but answering your questions. We start off with some REAL audio erotica.

A Facebook friend wants to find a boyfriend to have sex with. Gay Rick tells us about Grinder, an iPhone app that helps you find hookups wherever you are.

Kidder, Coochie, and Lorax give their best safety tips for not getting slaughtered over a sex hookup. Gay Rick and Laura Rad argue that showing your friends who you are with is often difficult and prescribe a different approach.

Another caller who plays with his butt and enjoys it, can't seem to relax enough to pleasure his partners penis with out a profuse portion of pain.

A caller from Kentucky tells us how much she hates our show. We return in kind by telling her what we think of Kentucky.

A caller tells us about their college orientation where they learned that premarital sex was a terrible thing and that homosexual acts are a form of insanity.

A caller's "sister" keeps breaking her sex toys and needs a recommendation for a tougher model. Another caller's wife wants him have sex with other women and wants to know if "cuckolding" is the proper term to use when the woman gets excited for her partner to sleep around.

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