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Choosing the best is not as easy as it sounds. It isn't as though we just go through our closet of sex toys and pick out the two or three that gave us the best orgasms this year. A sex toy reviewer must consider not only his or her own preferences. A good reviewer must be mindful of the vast tastes and varied penchants of the audience that will inevitably read, and then use this advice to decide how to spend their hard earned non-refundable money.

While the ability to give us pleasure is certainly an important feature to consider when reviewing a sex toy, it is not the only criteria that leads us to our final judgment. We must compare each product against others for aesthetics, longevity, ease of use and price.

It simply isn't good enough for us that the toy gives us an orgasm, it must do so better, than all the other products that we tried in the same class. There are a lot of factors that contribute to customer satisfaction in a sex toy. Even the packaging plays a role in the user's experience.

So with all things considered we again have done our very best to present to you the very best sex products for you and everyone on your gift list. Download and listen to this audio show at iTunes, or download it directly from our website at Happy Holidays -Kidder Kaper

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Gay Rick is in San Francisco for the Folsom Street Fair and things get kinky! Who's wearing which? Gay Rick ponders taking a horse and carriage ride.

What are San Francisco's nudity laws? A sister of the order takes a few moments out of her busy day to preach to the choir. Gay Rick's feet contain the power to rule the world.

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