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qst03.jpgOnly when they are creepy guys who aren't honest about their true intentions. Kidder will explain the whole conundrum in this episode of Sex is Fun's Quick Sex Tip.

qst02.jpgLearn how to make condoms suck less.

We all know that fluid bonded, condom free-sex is the bomb, but limiting your partner potential, catching STIs, and having children can be a real drag. So you've got to use condoms and we'll show you how to use them and make them feel great. You might not even know they are there.

qst01.jpgOn our first Quick Sex Tip release we've decided to start with a buzz and cover the gamut of clitoral vibrators. We'll talk about using them and choosing them and how to get the most bang for your buck.

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Kidder Kaper

Kidder has been theorizing and writing about human sexuality since 1993, when he began work on his primary goal: "Teaching the world to be unafraid to enjoy sex."



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