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Sex is Fun - The Game
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Review from Life on the Swingset

Super Thoughts & Actions
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The Adventures of Dick & Virginia
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Intense Games DVD
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Swing Set
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Nobody knows how to make sex more fun than the big-brained geniuses at Sex is Fun. They spend their days doing their educating and listening to y'all bitchin' about your sex lives, or lack thereof. Then they put all this fornication information into a giant machine we like to call the "Sex-is-Fun-ulator." The result is this fully illustrated card game that will make your naughty time more spontaneous and exciting.

Do you ever feel like you are doing the same old routine in the bedroom? Unpredictable will get you out of that rut. Take ten minutes to sit down with your partner(s), deal each person five cards and let the fun begin. By game's end you will have determined foreplay, core-play, intercourse, and after-play. With over 50 cards to choose from and thousands of possibilities, sex has never looked so varied and spontaneous!Unpredictable

Download Unpredictable Press Release.

Sex is FunSex is Fun's Spin the Bottle

From sex-educator Kidder Kaper of the Sex is Fun Podcast, book and adult party games comes the most advanced version of spin the bottle you will ever play.

This version of Spin the Bottle gives players the ability to choose their kissing preferences. Tell the game whether you want to kiss men, women or both, and secretly opt out of kissing certain individuals.

Randomly queues up kissing OR truth or dares. Read More

Sex is FunSex is Fun - The Game

You are about to discover just how much fun you can have playing with your partner. Blowing the hinges off conventional couples games, Sex is Fun goes deeper and gets dirtier, crazier, and kinkier than anything you've ever played before.

• Now with twice as many yellow cards!
• Fully Illustrated Cards!
Read More

Dick & VirginiaThe Adventures of Dick & Virginia

Dick and Virginia are a fictional couple with 50 very real problems, your goal is to give them the best sex and relationships advice that you can muster. This game is easy to play and leads to great conversations.Read More

Thoughts and ActionsSuper Thoughts & Actions: Daredevil

If Truth and Dare got a mainline injection of steroids and aphrodisiacs and ate nothing but a diet of hardcore pornography, it would still be only a fraction of fun compared to this game. Made for all players regardless of orientation or relationship status.Read More

Swing SetDISCONTINUED: Swing Set

Whether you are a full-swap, soft-swap or just plain curious about swinging, this is the game for you. Wed be willing to wager that you won't amke it trhough more than 5 cards before someone is getting it on, making this game highly replayable.Read More

Intense GamesDISCONTINUED: Intense Games DVD

This interactive DVD dishes up an exciting game for couples seeking exciting sex. Can be for purely monogamous play or optionally activated to dish up female bisexual challenges. Plays in any DVD player.Read More