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OR Call: 888-660-9733 and mention "Sex is Fun"

Kidder, Jade, Lorax and FKS had such a blast on a previous trip they have decided to host their very own Sex is Fun trip. Join them on what will surely become an annual adventure.

Sex is Fun is a podcast dedicated to the rational discussion of human sexuality from the approach of fun, enjoyment, and pleasure. "Sex is Fun," a top-rated podcast, can be found at www.sexisfun.net. You've been listening to "Sex is Fun" push the boundaries of everyday thinking with irreverent conversation, and interviews with the most influential sex educators, authors and activists. Now is your chance to meet the staff of the show and other listeners in a tropical paradise of ultimate sexual freedom.

Meet the cast in person at Desire.
Even if you have never visited a clothing optional resort, this is the perfect opportunity to comfortably experience it for the very first time. All couples of any orientation, or experience level are welcome to join. Desire is an adults only, clothing optional, all-inclusive lifestyle resort. Meet like-minded couples in a low pressure environment. Whether you are looking to push your boundaries or sit back in the sun and relax, the "Sex is Fun" group at Desire is what you are looking for.

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OR Call: 888-660-9733 and mention "Sex is Fun"

If you want more information you can listen to these episodes of the show, or contact us directly if you have questions or concerns.

A review by Kidder and Lorax of their trip to Desire in April 2009.
Sex is Fun #174 - The Sexiest Place on Earth

A complete, four-part series trip report of Desire, with all the details from Kidder, Jade, Lorax, and FKS.
Bathtalk - Desire with Swingercast Trip Report
Bathtalk - Desire with Swingercast Trip Report (part 2)
Bathtalk - Desire with Swingercast Trip Report (part 3)
Bathtalk - Desire with Swingercast Trip Report (part 4)

Kidder: kidder AT sexisfun DOT net
Lorax: lorax AT sexisfun DOT net

Kidder: http://www.facebook.com/kidderk
Lorax: http://www.facebook.com/theloraxgirl

PoolSpecial pricing and special events are included with the trip.

Every couple that books through us gets a Free 90 day membership to Kasidie.

You must book through "Sex is Fun" or Dream Pleasure Tours to be included on "the list." With this group you will get access to a special forum at www.sexisfun.net. You can get to know the other travelers, ask travel related questions, and be kept up-to-date on any special events. While at Desire you will have the opportunity to join special "Sex is Fun" member's only events and activities. Of course we'll be playing some games while we're there and you know what that means!

Book Now!
OR Call: 888-660-9733 and mention "Sex is Fun"

Important information:
• You must book through this link, or call (888) 660-9733 to get the special prices and to be included on the special events while at Desire.

• Once you book, you will get a welcome email with instructions on how to get access to the Desire Member's Only Forum

• Desire is a couple's only resort.

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Smitten Kitten
Extreme Restraints
Healthy and Active