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May 2011
5-10 All Sex Reviews - Ann Andriani

February 2011
2-5 Sexy Tech Episode 51

January 2011
1-11 AVN - News - Mark Kernes

June 2010
8-26 Rubicon Reader - Jason Frost

6-28 Lust and Confused - Annabelle and Arthur

6-23 Life on the Swingset - Cooper

6-21 Center for Pleasure and Health, Rhode Island

6-20 Outblush

6-15 Lil Sugar - BabySugar

6-01 The Examiner, Los Angeles - Sarah Estrella

May 2010
5-26 The City Pages - Rhena Tantisunthorn

5-20 The Daily Loaf - William McKeen

January 2010
1-15 New York Post - Cindy Adams

December 2009
12-22 Rachel Kramer Bussel
"Kidder Kaper knows sex, and fun, and combines the two brilliantly, along with a healthy dose of erotic education that will make anyone a better lover. This is a unique sex guide that covers the basics and beyond, with a playful tone and a professional's wisdom. Keep your copy next to the bed!"

August 2009
8-15 Susie Bright
"Finally, a sex advice, 'comic book' that could teach Superman a thing or two. Kidder goes where other counselors haven't dreamed of. If you're the kind of lover who says, 'I'm not just fantasizing, I want to DO IT'-this is the happy handbook for you."

July 2009
7-20 Publisher's Weekly - Racheal Deahl

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May 27, 2011
NVT Party
Sweeney's Saloon, St Paul

Feb 19-26, 2011
Desire Resorts

May 26th, 2010 7:05pm EST
Derek and Romaine
Sirius OutQ

June 1st, 2010 9am EST
Bulldog and The Rude Awakening Show
WOCM-FM 98.1, Ocean City, MD

June 1st, 2010 7-9pm CST
Smitten Kitten
Minneapolis, MN

June 7th, 2010 9:30am PST
LA Tallk Radio
Los Angelas, CA

January 6th-9th, 2011
Adult Entertainment Expo
Las Vegas, NV

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