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parents_sm.jpgWe've all been there. In one way or another, we've been there. Whether it's the terror of being asked by a perplexed and terrified four year-old asking "Mommy, is Daddy hurting you?" as said cherub magically appears mid-screaming orgasm at the foot of your bed like a tiny poltergeist of sexual destruction, unexpected and decidedly unwelcome as you regret terribly the lack of a lock on your bedroom door. Or maybe it's the permanently embedded scar on the landscape of your memory which recollects with a nauseatingly vivid clarity the time that you did that to YOUR parents. Ewww. (A moment please...must divert mind. Quick! Nothing remotely sexual! ......Thank God, there's a feature on Speidi's back scoop on TMZ.)

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Kidder Kaper

Kidder has been theorizing and writing about human sexuality since 1993, when he began work on his primary goal: "Teaching the world to be unafraid to enjoy sex."


Laura Rad

Laura Rad has been educating herself and others about sexuality for over seven years. You can find Laura every week chatting with the crew of the Sex is Fun Podcast.


Gay Rick

Gay Rick is an HIV Educator and Co-Host on the Sex is Fun podcast. He is also a certified Hepatitis C Educator.



The in-house audio engineer.


John Stark

John writes a blog titled We Sleep Together. He is in his twenties, and has been in an open relationship for six and some years.



The Walrus is an avid SIF listener, married, and recently became a proud father. He spends his days working in IT, but has always been interested in pushing the boundaries of traditional and conservative thoughts sexually.


Cooper Beckett

Cooper Beckett's life isn't like other people's. When he's not writing or podcasting at Life on the Swingset, he's living it up with his wife Marilyn as evangelical swingers, spreading the good word that "sharing is caring."


Beth Swings

Beth is an English rose, happily married and happily swinging in the UK and abroad. She has a full-time vanilla career which she loves. Beth counts sex and naturism among her many extra-curricular passions in life.


Mari Rose

Mari Rose and her family live in Colorado, love life and do their best to maintain balance and sanity and in this crazy, sexy, beautiful world.



Lorax runs everything behind the scenes at Sex is Fun. If she's not maintaining the website, gathering articles, or directing art you can find her wakeboarding or snowboarding with her husband.