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Kidder's FarewellFor immediate release: Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Kidder Kaper Retires from the Sex is Fun Podcast

After 6 years, 300 episodes, and 16 million downloads, the creator and primary host of the Sex is Fun Podcast, a wildly popular sex-ed radio show calls it quits. Kidder Kaper revealed that he had accomplished all he had intended to with the show and felt that it was time for him begin working toward other goals. Kidder's career as a sex educator has taken him in many interesting directions over the years. He's designed an enormous catalog of sex games and scored a lucrative book deal with publishing giant Penguin. He has given many speeches at various adult book stores and held the main stage at the Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas.

Kidder's teen sex education website offers royalty-free comic books at Kidder and his wife Jade have also begun a new blog that is all about their experiences of living a life less than ordinary at Kidder will also continue to write for the Sex is Fun Magazine at and maintains his position as lead game designer at

Kidder told his crew as they wrapped up the farewell episode, "I'm not quitting, I'm just doing something else."

The Sex is Fun Podcast is being retooled and continued by Kidder Kaper's CO-hosts, Sex Educator -Laura Rad, HIV/AIDS Educator - Gay Rick and Audio Engineer - Coochie. New episodes will begin airing (sans Kidder) in October 2011.

Quotes from continuing staff members:

The new season of Sex is Fun! will start off with a bang!  As Laura Rad and Gay Rick take over as hosts, they discuss with Coochie what the name "Sex is Fun!" means to them and where the show is going in the future.  The gang will dedicate an episode to body fluids and discuss the eroticism and risks associated with exchanging them.  After that, the hosts will explore the pros and cons of having Friends with Benefits.  And don't think for a moment that the crew will stop talking about non-mongamy - they'll ramp up the discussion by reviewing a research article, "Monogamy of the Heart," and what it means for couples when deciding whether or not they want to try an open relationship.
"When Kidder shared that he was going to leave the show, it was a sad surprise.  He has helped me become more sex-positive, cultivated my confidence as a sex educator, provided me with some life-changing sex education, and created a healthy community to disseminate sexual health information and challenge sex-negative attitudes.  Although he is stepping down as host of Sex is Fun!, we know he won't be far - he'll always be welcome back to discuss topics that fall within his hilarious, sharp, smart expertise.  That being said, with a change this big, it's only appropriate that we change the show in big ways.  I think the listeners are going to love the plans Laura Rad and I been cooking up!"  -Gay Rick AIDS/HIV/Hepatitis-C Educator

Six short years ago, over an online chat, Kidder Kaper told me he wanted to create something that I'd never even heard of - a podcast.  More importantly, he wanted to create a podcast called Sex is Fun!  Little did I know, but we were about to embark on a wonderful adventure.  The things I've learned from Kidder and from working with him continue to help me grow and evolve, on both a professional and personal level.  I am grateful for the opportunity to partner with him and fight the good fight for a cause we both hold near and dear.  Kidder's departure from the Sex is Fun! show will leave big shoes to fill but I am excited to see what Laura Rad and Gay Rick have in store.  I am looking forward to following Kidder's endeavors and hope to continue collaborating with and supporting him in the future. -Coochie Audio Engineer/Founding Member

"There is no one quite like Kidder Kaper.  For six years his sharp wit, medical knowledge and passion for talking about sex have been the driving force behind Sex is Fun!.  Kidder taught me the power of conflict and controversy and inspired me to always speak my mind.  I will miss his presence on the show and I can't wait to hear his opinions on what Gay Rick, Coochie and I do with the new Sex is Fun!  We are gearing up to bring the listeners new perspectives on the vital sexual issues in their lives.  Kidder taught us all that Sex is indeed Fun.  Now it is time for Gay Rick and I to take it even further with in-depth topics, new segments, special guests and exciting glimpses into real sex lives." -Laura Rad, Sex Educator

Sex is Fun Podcast Fun/Facts:

Won 2 People's Choice Podcast Awards
Listed as one of the top "10 places to find sex advice" by ABC News
Achieved rank of 57 in iTunes Top 100 Podcasts

Products and Spinoffs:

• Sex is Fun! Creative Ideas for Exciting Sex  -
Book: 224 Pages - Publisher: Penguin/Avery - Languages: English & German
• Unpredictable
Card Game - Publisher:
• Sex is Fun! The Game
Card Game - Publisher:
• Lubricious Positions! The Board Game
Board Game - Publisher:
• Sex is Fun Heat Party
Board Game - Publisher:
• Bathtalk Weekly Podcast
• Sex is Fun Magazine

Terms Coined on Sex is Fun:

PIV "Penis in Vagina"
nVT "Non Vanilla Thinker"
MGS "Monogamous Group Sex"

Kidder Kaper will fulfill requests for written interviews regarding his retirement from the Sex is Fun Podcast between October 1st through November 12th of 2011

Email interview questions to:

Kidder Kaper will fulfill requests for radio and podcast interviews beginning October 10 through November 12 of 2011.

For scheduling, please contact:
Or call

For other information, please visit the website at
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Kidder Kaper

Kidder has been theorizing and writing about human sexuality since 1993, when he began work on his primary goal: "Teaching the world to be unafraid to enjoy sex."


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Laura Rad has been educating herself and others about sexuality for over seven years. You can find Laura every week chatting with the crew of the Sex is Fun Podcast.


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Gay Rick is an HIV Educator and Co-Host on the Sex is Fun podcast. He is also a certified Hepatitis C Educator.



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