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Body CandyGood Clean Love Body Candy, Vanilla Chai

Normally I am not a fan of flavored body topping type products.  In my experience they tend to be sticky and taste totally artificial, often with a weird chemical aftertaste.  So when I saw I would be reviewing a "body candy" from Good Clean Love I was less than excited.  Luckily, this product was not sticky or icky tasting.  This has to be the best flavored body product I have come across in a long time.

The first thing Good Clean Love (GCL) Body Candy has going for it is that it is made with good ingredients.  While some people will view the avocado butter based recipe as a drawback (oil based concoctions are not compatible with latex safer sex barriers) I viewed it as a plus.  Because it is food based I wasn't worried about eating it and it tasted real rather than chemical-ish.  As an oil based product, GCL Body Candy is perfect for fluid bonded people and for use on the outside of bodies.  I wouldn't recommend using this on the vulva or inside the vagina both because of the plant based oils (which some people worry can contribute to bacterial infections) and because of the essential oils which could be irritating to the delicate inside tissues of the vulvular area.

The second thing Good Clean Love Body Candy has going for it is the delicious flavor they chose.  I love Chai and it is a flavor I have never seen in a sexual product before.  In addition, they did a good job of making the flavor noticeable but subtle.  Most flavored body products are like pouring a syrup on someone and the flavors are about that intense; completely covering up the smell or taste of your lover's body with thick candy coating.  GCL Body Candy is lightly scented and flavored so it adds to your partner's natural tastiness instead of covering them in goo.

I am glad I didn't read the product description to use this for kissing.  That could be fun, but I think the best way to use GCL Body Candy is for oral sex on penises and anuses (depending on the sensitivity of the anus) you are fluid bonded with.  This is because of the reasons listed above-oils can be irritating internally and are not latex compatible.  I know many people are nervous about the natural smells and tastes of their genitals and I don't want to spread body fear.  Clean genitals generally smell and taste good to your lovers. But GCL's Body Candy is a fun and delicious way to have a good clean time kissing and licking your special someone.

Love OilGood Clean Love Indian Spice Love Oil

Giving and receiving massages are two of my favorite things to do and so it makes sense that I love a good massage oil.  It is horrible when you start to give someone a massage, reach for the oil and realize you have poured something sticky all over their body.  Oil that needs to be constantly reapplied is also a bad situation.  You want to be able to concentrate on touch, not reapplication.  

Good Clean Love did a good job on the consistency of their Love Oil.  I only used a few drops on my partner.  I was sure it would not be enough but it spread well and evenly. It also proved to have good staying power so I did not need to reapply frequently.  The drawback is that I only used a few drops because it was extremely hard to get the Love Oil out of the bottle.  The bottle was glass and the top was the plastic flip top kind that requires you to squeeze the bottle to get the liquid to come out.  Since I couldn't squeeze the glass bottle I ended up frantically shaking the tiny bottle over my partner hoping the wild movement would cause some liquid to fly out.  Good thing he was laying face down since this move was neither smooth nor attractive.

The scent, Indian Spice, was pleasant in my opinion.  It was present but not overpowering.  While the price may seem high for such a small bottle, the ingredients the company uses are high quality and good for your body.  Massage oils made with high quality essential oils are often pricey.  And luckily a little of this oil goes a long way.  While they didn't make my mind explode by taking massage oil to the next level, I would definitely use GCL Love Oil again.  Especially if they managed to fix the packaging issue to make it easier to dispense.

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