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Kidder Kaper is a published author and seasoned sex educator with an insanely popular weekly podcast and blog at As well known as his work has become in the adult section of the bookstore, he's heading into new territory where few of his ilk care to travel. He's taking a short hiatus from helping married couples build sexual intimacy and writing reviews on the latest in sex toy technology to focus on producing sex educational media for a significantly younger audience.

To reach this audience Kidder has decided to format the information in a series of comic books that can be downloaded, free of charge from the teen portal of the website at The proposed topics list includes basic sexual anatomy information such as The Genitalia Owners Manual, to social and emotional issues like, How to End a Relationship. Kidder even has plans to tackle philosophical questions titles such as, Why Sexual Abstinence Kicks Ass, and So What My Friend is Gay?

His choice to design the information as a comic book extends well beyond format's popularity with adolescents. As he puts it, "It is all about the illustrations. When I was a teen I was forced to find sex information in the encyclopedia and read long and boring articles when all I really wanted to know is that my penis was normal, or that the feelings I was having were normal. Human's are visual creatures and we learn and understand things significantly better when we can see them. I found it maddening that I none of the books I had access to would just show me the answers I so desperately needed."

Because adolescents have more access to sexual imagery and information than ever before, thanks to the internet, Kidder believes his model of sex education is more important than ever. "The sexual imagery and information that kids are seeing today is not helpful to their sexual development. Pornography is a terrible substitution for sex education. The bodies, acts, and sexual responses displayed in porn is completely unrealistic and it is changing the way that young people view themselves and how their sexuality fits into their lives. This is affecting them in a negative way."

Kidder may be on to something when you realize that most women only see other women's vulvas in glossy photos that have been shaved, primped and photoshopped into a whatever the industry (or censors) currently find acceptable. This is causing women than ever before to seek highly invasive labiaplasty procedures in an attempt to make their vulvas resemble what they have been forced to believe is normal. Men aren't unaffected by this phenomena either. Male porn actors are chosen for they're uncommonly well-endowed assets and are often shot from angles that make their assets seem significantly larger than what would be found in the general public. This is perhaps why the penis enlargement industry, while unsuccessfully enlarging penises, is successfully capitalizing on billions of dollars in revenues from men who feel they are coming up short with what nature gave them.

With the country battling over the debate between abstinence-only sex education and comprehensive sex ed, Kidder has given up the fight. He's grown tired of arguing, not only opposing the conservative stance but also curriculum disagreements with even his more liberal peers. "Like most everything else with the education system it is all about money." Explains Kidder with a look of disgust. "The abstinent-only programs and the institutions that deliver comprehensive sex education both want and need federal funding. Even the organizations that are payed for through corporate grants and philanthropy are careful not to produce sex education media that may offend someone. The only way to do this right is to remove financial incentive from the table and keep committee decision making far away from the finished content."

With his first comic of the series, "How to use a Tampon" finished and ready for download, it appears as though he has successfully escaped the minutia that has, in his opinion, "tampered with knowledge that will help our children grow into happy, healthy, and fulfilled adults."

You can download this and future releases of this comic series from

Kidder Kaper is a sex educator and author. His book, Sex is Fun! Creative Ideas for Exciting Sex (published by Penguin) remains a best selling sex therapy book at and everywhere fine books are sold. His iTunes top-ranked podcast and well-visited blog can be found at

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I am so glad to see this development. Not that long ago, I believe in one of the podcasts Kidder sounded very resigned to the fact this was going to be un-doable for a variety of reasons. This made me very sad indeed.

I think a resource of un-opinionated sexual education materials is long overdue, and it's always the younger audience that gets most hurt by its lack. As much as there are adults that are woefully under-educated, at least they have the opportunity to find the information for themselves if they cared enough to.

I will be looking forward to how this develops. Great work as always, Kidder and crew!

- Arthur

I sent this to Amy Klobuchar, our MN Rep. I very much look forward to seeing what she thinks...


I am an author and sex educator and though most of my work over the past five years has been focused on adult and married couples I can no longer deny that the closer my children grow to becoming teenagers, I must do something to improve the conditions of the sex education being offered to our teens and young adults.

I recently met with Craig Gross from XXXChurch and showed him a project I've been toying around with lately. I'm developing a comic book series for teens and their parents and to my surprise he agreed that this is the best way to help combat sexual ignorance. Together we are creating something that will be beneficial for all who read it, regardless of religious background or starting values. It is honest and medically accurate and is being designed to cover everything that teens need to make informed decisions about their sexual health.

This series will be distributed free of charge to everyone. Anyone can download it, anyone can link to it, reproduce it and give it away. This is all being funded by donations from individuals who care about comprehensive sex education.

I ask for your support, not monetarily, not politically, but just your moral support to help us along the way. We want to produce something that genuinely helps the world catch fewer STIs, have fewer unplanned pregnancies, require fewer abortions, experience less fear, shame, guilt, trauma, and have better lives.

Please take a look at our proposed series and tell me, is this a project that you'd stand behind or distance yourself from. Your opinion as a leader means a lot to our community and to our cause.

I thank you for the time you took to learn about this project and look forward to hearing from you.

Kidder Kaper, sex educator and author.

Kidder, I cannot urge you enough to check out KickStarter dot com. This site is EXACTLY what you're looking for to raise initial funding for this incredibly important project. I have backed numerous projects there and seen what it can do. The kind of project you're working on is made for crowd-funding, and KickStarter is THE place for that.

Your science-based, rational approach to your life outlook is one of the things I keep coming back to SiF for; a host that calls BS on nonsense is a rare and special thing in America these days. Never, EVER compromise it!

I think this project is significant, important, and timely, and I'm tossing some bucks in the hat. Once it gets far enough, I'd encourage you to spread the word via every means possible - this would be great on Jon Stewart or the Colbert Report, maybe tie in with the OWL program from the UU's, get it to Obama's Secretary of Health, push it up to the corresponding Canadians, Brits, Swedes, etc. Just see where you can go with it!

Good luck, best wishes, and thanks for being a voice of reason in a world of superstition, especially in this particular area.

OK, I thought I saw a link somewhere to donate to this project, but now I cannot find it. Lorax, can you post a link to kick in a donation?


Here is a link. There's a big banner on the homepage. ;)

Doh! (Slaps forehead) Could it be any more obvious? Thanks Lorax!! Donation sent.

Hi Kidder--not sure if you saw this, but you got a mention in a recent interview with Craig Gross: "We're actually rolling out a project next about everything from abstinence to safe sex. It's a comic book done by a guy I met in the sex industry, which is crazy, but we kind of figured out some things that we could agree on."

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