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H_Wedge2.jpgFor those of you who have had the good taste to become a fan of the product reviews word-smithed by this particular reviewer know that I rarely grace a product with a review that doesn't bluntly point out the flaws, failures and shortcomings of each product I dare shove up my ass. Alas, I've found myself at a loss for words as I search for mean things to say after Jade and I gave the Liberator Heart-Shaped Wedge for a couple of test drives. I hate to say it as it breaks a longstanding tradition of Kidder-brand curmudgeonry, but this may very well be most perfect sex product we've ever had the joy of bringing into our bed with us.

Like all of the Liberator Shapes that came before it, this wedge is designed to help you and your lover hit those perfect angles. Unlike all the other shapes we've tried in the past that were either too steep or too big, this one is just right. It was so perfect that I think we may have a contender for the Goldie Lox Product of the year, and it is only January.

For our first trick, we placed it under Jade's ass which brought her vulva to the perfect height and angle for a feasting fit for a wild boar. After pigging out on her labia I climbed between her legs and discovered that the entrance of her vagina was also at the perfect height for entry, which I most happily slid into. As I came forward and my chest touched her breasts, I found that it was extremely easy for me to thrust directly into her G-Spot while keeping most of my upper body weight supported on my arms. The thrusting was deep and effortless which gave us both the energy for a satisfyingly long lovemaking session.

For us to get into a position where I feel so deeply buried in her sex usually requires an extremely difficult "legs over the shoulder" contortion that is neither comfortable for her or for this old skier's bone-on-bone knee. With the wedge raising her up, I only had to rock in and out and her legs rested comfortably on my calves or occasionally wrapped around my lower back as she neared climax, which she did several times.

We fully intended to try a few other positions with this pillow, but it simply felt too good to both of us to change anything. I had no choice but to continue until joined her with my own orgasm.

The 2nd time we tried it, Jade got on her front and put it under her hips so that her ass was perfectly positioned for a passionate pounding. She looked amazingly submissive in this position and it was so sexy that I just needed to spend time admiring her beauty. Mounting her was a piece of cake as, again, her height and angle were perfect for entry. It was easy for me to rock into her while on my knees or leaning forward so that I was laying on top of her. Again, the two of us soaked the pillow with our combined orgasms.

With Lorax hollering at my heels to finish this review, we unzipped the cover and threw it in our Whirlpool front-loading washing machine that is notorious for tearing everything from socks to beach towels. If I'm going to get the chance to write something critical about this product, destroying it in our industrial washer should provide me with something crass to say. But wouldn't you know it? It came out of there and looked brand-spanking new. Our cum stains washed clear off and didn't even show up under blacklight. Bonus!

The shape of the pillow may to some add an additional benefit as it looks like a designer throw pillow so that most visitors would probably never guess that you are using it to achieve the deepest thrusting you've ever experienced. This isn't an option for us because our kids are likely to steal the damn thing and use it as a launch-pad for remote controlled cars. So this pillow will be kept in our cedar chest, close to our bed where we intend to use it quite frequently.

As for the rest of the reviewers on the Sex is Fun staff, I'm afraid you'll have to go and get your own, cause this one is ours for keeps.

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