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WithThisRing_big.jpgWhen it comes to sex toys and sex accessories, the women really have the men beat when it comes to variety. Sure, everything that can be purchased for women can technically be used by men, but really, once you get down to it, the two main categories of toys for men are things that go in our butts, and things that go on our cocks, or sometimes in our cocks if urethra-play is your pleasure.

We've got masturbation sleeves, oral sex simulators, robotic vaginal simulators, hydraulically operated cock vacuums, and cock rings of all shapes, sizes, colors and materials. The wide variety of cock rings and cock straps commonly available in most sex shops is the one realm where men get nearly the same attention as do women when it comes to choices in sex toys.

What do cock rings do?

Cock Rings and cock straps in their simplest terms, are rings or straps that are placed around the base of the penis, or around the penis and the testicles for aesthetic purposes and to increase the vascular pressure inside of the penis causing it to become harder, larger, more colorful and increase vascular texture. Some models include beads, nubbies or even vibrators to give additional stimulation to their partners during intercourse.

Do cock rings work?

It would appear from our tests that cock rings do increase penis size, rigidity, color, texture, and in some cases erection duration. We have found that cock rings that are designed to go all the way around the back of the testicles work better than those that simply go around the base of the penis. We have also found that the models that have individual straps to go around the testicles AND the base of the penis to separate them from each other make for the most angry looking erections we've ever seen. Cock Rings don't just make the penis look bigger or harder, they are noticeably more filling to both the wearer of the cock ring and the partner being penetrated by the cock ringed penis in question. Depending on what you are trying to accomplish by wearing a cock ring, they can indeed add a little decoration and power to an erection.

How do cock rings work?

Cock Rings and cock straps constrict the blood vessels that lead out of the penis causing blood to become trapped inside, not unlike a balloon that is under pressure. For certain types of erectile dysfunction, they can be of great benefit and allow the user to maintain a powerful erection for as long as the cock ring remains in place.

Are cock rings safe?

Constricting the blood flow to any part of your body has inherit risks, though common sense and minor precautions reduce these risks to nearly nil. Cock rings that are too constricting or worn for extended periods of time may cause the destruction of the living cells inside the penis. Penises are alive and need oxygenated blood to remain alive. Wearing a cock ring longer than 20-30 minutes may put you at risk of nerve damage, priapism, and even a gangrenous penis that would require amputation. If you have cardiovascular problems, diabetes, or taking blood thinners, you should not wear a cock ring without first discussing it with your health care professional. Do not fall asleep while wearing a cock ring!

How to use a cock ring?

Most people prefer to put their cock rings on while they are still flaccid. Depending on the model and material it may be difficult or even impossible to put one on after the penis has become erect. If your cock ring is designed to go around the back of your testicles you may find it easier to push one through at a time or place your hand around both your cock and scrotum and lightly pulling away from your body while your strap the contraption on with your other hand. Make sure you don't get any pubic hair stuck in the snaps or you'll feel a nasty pinch during intercourse. If your cock strap is connected by Velcro, you may consider rotating the connecting bits away from your partner so that he or she doesn't get scratched by the poky plastic parts.

Cockrings.jpgHow to select a cock ring?

First you have figure out what you wish to accomplish with your cock ring. If you are primarily interested in dressing up your cock, you've got a lot of options to consider. You can make it look tough by dressing it up with a steel, titanium, or leather cock ring. Or you can pimp your ride with a pretty silicon jobby that you'll be able to find in nearly every color and shape imaginable.

If you and your partner are looking for a little extra stimulation, you may wish to try the Lelo Bo which is a stretchy cock ring that is topped by a very powerful vibrator. The vibrator can be placed atop the penis which gives great clitoral stimulation while having intercourse, or rotated downward either in front of, or behind the testicles. The unit is rechargeable and easy to use.

If your primary goal is to increase the functional size and stiffness of your erection, look for a leather strap that goes around both your cock and your testicles. Velcro is easy to put on and adjust, but snaps are more secure and allow for a tighter fit. For the ultimate in erection control, look for a unit that has two straps connected together. One of the straps goes around the base of your cock, and the second one goes around your testicles. Our tests have found that these models, while being a complete pain in the ass to get into, substantially increases erection firmness.

If you are on a budget, you could buy a simple silicon or nitrile ring at nearly any adult store. They won't produce the same results as a heavy duty leather or steel cock ring but they are cheap. If cheap is really what you are after, you can accomplish the same basic idea by getting a couple of condoms, unrolling them and inch or two and cutting off the tips. Place the remaining rings around your cock and balls and you've got yourself a super cheap cock ring, albeit, one that is going to rip nearly every pubic hair out that it comes into contact with when you try and remove it.

If you are looking for a way to dress up your cock or beef up your erection, go shopping and see what jumps out at you. You may be surprised at how much you like accessorizing your favorite toy.

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