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WithThisRing.jpgWhen it comes to sex toys and sex accessories, the women really have the men beat when it comes to variety. Sure, everything that can be purchased for women can technically be used by men, but really, once you get down to it, the two main categories of toys for men are things that go in our butts, and things that go on our cocks, or sometimes in our cocks if urethra-play is your pleasure.

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Why Be A SwingerI was out to lunch with my boss and a group of consultants working on a project we were doing to try to dramatically expand our business reach. (Unfortunately the business is not swing-related.) One of them brought up how much trouble they'd gotten into recently when he checked out another girl without first being wary of his wife's gaze upon him. The four other men sitting at the table gave their harrumphs in approval and agreement and grumpiness at the very idea, but also the knowledge that should their eyes have been caught wandering, they'd get the same fight.

It's an old story. It's been the basis of a Home Improvement episode, and god knows how many other schlub-with-hot-wife sitcoms. It's the norm, the social contract. Man checks out girl who aren't his wife, wife makes a big deal about it. Only that's not the case for me.

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Kidder Kaper


Kidder has been theorizing and writing about human sexuality since 1993, when he began work on his primary goal: "Teaching the world to be unafraid to enjoy sex."


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Laura Rad has been educating herself and others about sexuality for over seven years. You can find Laura every week chatting with the crew of the Sex is Fun Podcast.


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Cooper Beckett's life isn't like other people's. When he's not writing or podcasting at Life on the Swingset, he's living it up with his wife Marilyn as evangelical swingers, spreading the good word that "sharing is caring."


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Beth is an English rose, happily married and happily swinging in the UK and abroad. She has a full-time vanilla career which she loves. Beth counts sex and naturism among her many extra-curricular passions in life.


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Mari Rose and her family live in Colorado, love life and do their best to maintain balance and sanity and in this crazy, sexy, beautiful world.




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