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DoughnutAnalingus.  Tookus Lingus.  Tossing a salad.  Kissing the brown starfish.

All of these terms refer to one act - the rim job.  The rim job can be used to prepare a partner for anal insertion - whether it be anal sex or toy play.  It can also be done as a solitary act of pleasure.  Although it may seem like a far-fetched, undesirable adventure for some, it can be a shocking delight that becomes a regular form of foreplay for others.

"What's a rim job", you may be asking. A rim job is when another person licks around and in your anus. The anus is liberally supplied with sensory nerves.  More nerves means more possibility for pleasure.  However, the popular consensus seems to be that analingus is filthy and disgusting - that's where poop comes from.  This act may not be for the germaphobe or the hypochondriac.  But you don't have to want to like feces in order to love giving rim jobs.

The best way to get past squeamishness is to be present when the cleaning occurs.  Wash the anus and surrounding areas thorough with soap and warm water.  Put soap on a finger and insert it gently into the anus in order to clean it out.  Proper cleaning should eliminate any bacteria and odors that may discourage a rim job.  If your partner is still hesitant, offer to let them clean it for you.  They can be satisfied with the level of washing if they're the one to do it.

Hair around the anus can sometimes trap odors.  If your partner is going to be licking your anus for the first time, offer to remove the hair prior to the act if it will help them to perform the rim job.  This will give the anus a clean appearance and encourage interaction.   To add an element of eroticism, let your partner shave your anus for you.  There may be unexpected vulnerability to the act that will enhance the excitement from the act as a whole.  Preparing for sexual acts together is a great way to increase the excitement for the acts themselves.

The shower can be a great first location for a rim job - all of the required equipment for cleaning is present and this creates an environment that hints at healthy grooming habits.  For partners that are not going to be comfortable despite a good cleaning, use a dental dam, plastic wrap, or some other form of barrier.  To increase the receiver's pleasure, place some lube on the side of the barrier that is going to come in contact with the anus.

Before diving into a rim job, stop and take a look at the anus.  Note the color of your partner's anus.  Pay attention to the landscape and try to extrapolate what points may extract more pleasure than others.  Finally, think about what you may like from a rim job and create a strategy to make that a reality for your partner.

Start the rim job by licking around the anus.  The perineum can be included throughout the duration of the rim job - lather it with your tongue and let your partner know there is no area that won't be explored while you're down there.  Try moving your tongue in circles, both clockwise and counter-clockwise to see what sort of reactions you may get from your partner.  Write out the letters of the alphabet on their anus with your tongue.  Explore how a pointed tongue versus a wide, flattened tongue can give varying types of pleasure.  Don't be afraid to lightly penetrate the anus with the tongue, either.  Move it in and out of the anus.  Apply varying amounts of pressure around, on, and in the anus.

If you want to put more than your tongue inside of your partner, such as a finger, make sure to give your partner a chance to stop.  They may not be ready for that type of penetration.

When receiving a rim job, the best thing to do is relax.  When the tongue finally makes contact with the anus, it may be surprising.  Try to keep your body loose and accept the pleasure that a tongue can bring to your anus.  Give your partner signs of success - moan, groan, sigh, scream, or order more licking.  Rim jobs can be scary the first time you perform them.  Do what you can to let your partner know this is right up your alley.

Take breaks from the rim job as necessary.  The tongue and mouth muscles may not be strong enough to continue for a long time.  Let them relax as needed by engaging in other sexy activities.

Check with your partner about kissing both before and during the rim job - some may prefer that you make a quick rinse with mouth wash while others will want to taste themselves on your lips.  Passion can illicit some bold decisions and you both will have the chance to make informed decisions at multiple opportunities.

Rim jobs are a great addition to your sexual utility belt.  Not only are they pleasurable, but they are a great precursor to anal penetration.  Enjoy the glory that is the rim job.

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