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Cock Lock IntruderIt's time to up the ante with this outstanding new cock ring - The Cock Lock Intruder. The metal cock ring is made of a heavy-duty stainless steel with a 2 inch fixed inside diameter and 2.75 inch outside diameter. For those who are nervous about using metal cock rings, this probably won't be a good fit. Metal cock rings are a challenge to put on and off. When putting on metal cock rings, put the testicles through one at a time and then pull the flaccid penis through. The Cock Lock Intruder has an additional challenge, however.

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Butt ToysI want to put stuff up my butt
Because it will feel good
I want to put stuff up my butt
I don't know if I should

Here's a thing I found right here!
Should I put it up my rear?
It is long and thin, filled with vitamin B
Carrots are so good for me!

No! Do not put a carrot up your butt
It might get lost in there!
Do not put a carrot up your butt
No produce in your derriere

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