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card_clean_big.jpgSex educator, author, blogger, podcaster, and game designer, Kidder Kaper, releases his 12th sex game and this time he's pushed the production quality to the max with his first fully illustrated, mass-produced game. 

The game-play is simple. Couples select cards from the deck that contain illustrated sex acts of all kinds and then they place the events in the order that they'd like to play them. The illustrations are cartoony, non-threatening and fun. The game's goal is also simple. It is designed to help inspire couples to mix it up and add variation and excitement to their love making.

Sexual interest drops about fifty-percent after the first year of marriage for most women. Similarly, that is around the same time in a marriage when foreplay, oral sex, and position experimentation drops off as well. The Unpredictable card game guides couples into new and different sexual activities.

Since 2003, Kidder has been designing experimental games sold exclusively through Great Sex Games. But what had begun as an experiment has exploded into an entire media empire that offers something for everyone looking to add some fun and excitement to their sex lives.

"Our sales have remained extremely solid for many years, yet we've not attempted mass production which means a high-cost per unit and results in an extremely high price for our products." Explains Frivolous Entertainment, Inc's COO, Laura Schulz. "Even though we sell tons of games to a very hungry user base, our price point has kept us out of several markets simply because many retailers believe that they cannot sell a sex game for more than $12. Even though a lot of these cheap games are complete crap, it is difficult to change a pre-existing assumption and convince a nervous retailer that people will pay $50 for a card game."

Kidder's top selling game, Sex is Fun - The Card Game, is a product for couples that guide them into intimacy-building exercises. It remains the most expensive, highest rated, and a top selling sex game offered at sex toy retail giant, Adam & Eve, proving that there is a market for well designed games at any price.

"We've really pulled out the stops for this one. Unpredictable is significantly more beautiful than anything we've released so far." Says the game's designer, Kidder. "It took us this long to gain mass appeal, a recognizable brand, and a distribution chain worthy of a well-funded design phase and larger production runs. I've got no problem selling the Ferrari of sex games, but if we can deliver a Ferrari at the price of an Acura, that is even cooler."  At a MSRP of $29.99 it is still a bit pricier than a pair of purple sex dice, but Kidder and Laura don't believe that the price tag will keep their customers away. "Our customers know that when we release a game, it is going to deliver in spades and we've got nothing but positive reviews to back it up." Says Laura in support of her company's products and pricing.

unpredictable.jpg"We're hoping that we can, with this new game, convince the retailers that there is a market for significantly better adult games at a marginally higher price. We've played the $12 games currently available, and they suck. You simply cannot spend six months designing and preparing art for a game like this and deliver a quality product for a price that low. In the case of our games, you get what you pay for, and I don't think that anyone is going to suffer from buyer's remorse after they get this game into their bedroom. We're not the first to supply the adult market with higher quality, we're just the first to do it with sex games."

Laura may in fact be correct especially when considering companies like Lelo® and Nexus™ that are incredibly successful producing the highest quality sex toys on the market at significantly higher prices.

Kidder Kaper, who is not interested in hitting a price point or fitting a mold, will soon be releasing his first book which he unapologetically admits, " a sex manual that completely blows the door off the hinges of convention." His book, Sex is Fun being published by Penguin Group/Gotham Books on June 1st. "Frankly I'm amazed that we found a large, mainstream publisher for this property. Even my agent said the book would never fly in its current form. Nobody has ever tried to publish a sex instruction guide written for a pansexual audience made up of straights, gays, bisexuals, and lesbians. Before the book was even finished, we'd encountered our first bidding war for rights to the book. I think the world is ready for this and I'm ready to find out."

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