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Sex is Fun Spin the BottleOn the eve of the iPad's release, the developers from Gizbitz and Sex is Fun, are happy to announce that Apple has agreed to include their first game designed for iTouch, iPhone and iPad in the iTunes AppStore.

"We'd been holding our breath for a week, waiting to hear whether or not Apple would approve the app." Says Laura Schulz, COO of the Frivolous Entertainment, Inc. "With all the news of Apple cracking down on apps of a sensual nature, we were beginning to wonder if we were wasting our time. We're elated to be included in the first series of applications for this most amazing piece of hardware. We hope that it is only the first of many games that we make for Apple's portable devices."

Spin the Bottle has finally been improved, giving players the ability to select their personal sexual preferences. If there is a particular player that you'd rather not kiss, you may secretly notify the game to keep the bottle from landing on that particular person. Instead of simply kissing, the game will also randomly dish out truth or dare challenges. The game comes preloaded with icons to represent your kiss-worthy pals or you can import your own photos.

Sex is Fun's Spin the Bottle

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