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Rick in Jock StrapToday's cultures have an abundance of underwear fetish sites, blogs, and fashion shows.  Why is underwear getting all of this attention?  And are you missing the fun of underwear?

Until recently, men have been limited to Zubaz-esque pajama pants, silk boxers, or Fruit of the Loom to ignite the fires within their partner.  A common misconception is that a guy needs to have rippling muscles in order to tantalize his partners in a pair of underwear.  There is nothing further from the truth - each one of us can tantalize someone with our undergarments.  Due to the billions of dollars spent on advertising, few of us are perfectly happy with our bodies. Buying a pair of underwear that makes you feel sexy can liberate your sense of self.  If you are thin, finding that perfect pair of briefs that curve on you tiny behind is thrilling.  If you feel you have a few extra pounds, finding a pair of boxer briefs that are comfortable and emphasize the muscular thickness of your thighs can be the perfect end to a day.  With an evolving culture (as well as a desire to hit untapped markets), a man's underwear choices have grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years.

In a typical department store, you usually see boxers, briefs, boxer briefs, and some other miscellaneous cuts.  It can be a challenge to assess what cut is going to fit you the best.  When it comes to any type of fashion, a secondary, critical eye can be helpful.  Although it may be intimidating to bare yourself in a tiny pair of underwear to get feedback, remember that in the end, you want to visually arouse and engage your sex partner.

Boxers are probably the most common amongst youth in the U.S.  Most people stay in what they find comfortable during their youth.  If you are going to wear boxers, find ways to make them sexy for your partner.  Wear a pair that is short and loose fitting so your junk can "accidentally" spill out the leg when you sit down.  Surprise your partner with a full erection out the front fly of your boxer shorts.  Maybe your partner likes the visual of a tenting erection in a pair of boxers.  Different fabrics can enhance the boxer experience as well - silk may stimulate continuous erections and cotton may accentuate precum stains.  Explore ways to tantalize your partner's visual senses with boxers.

It seems unfair to deny your partner the profoundly erotic visual of a tight pair of briefs outlining a bulging erection curving up towards the hip, even just once.  Briefs can seem intimidating to the boxer connoisseur, but with the right fit, a man may feel the sexiest he's ever felt.  When trying to arouse your partner, try to move away from the typical brands found in the discount bins.  Move on up to a form fitting pair with exciting technologies to make yourself look even better.  For example, check out brands that accentuate the pouch with pouch enhancing technology, give a peek to your package with a mesh material, define your ass cheeks with a shape-enhancing fabric, or minimize your muffin top with a low riding waistband.  There is a right brief for every body type out there!

A good intermediate between the boxer and the brief is the boxer brief.  As this undergarment continues to gain popularity, we're inundated with overwhelming variety.  Boxer briefs come in a number of cuts that range from knee-length to almost brief length.  Boxer briefs have the benefit of being tight, hinting at the delights your partner is about to explore.  Beware: Your arousal will show. Boxer briefs can also help a consistent boxer man transition to briefs.

In the past, jockstraps were for sports participants.  Over time, people started to appreciate the look the jockstrap embodies. These days, jockstraps come in a variety of shapes and materials.  Partners that enjoy a gorgeous ass may love to see you in a jockstrap.  The jockstrap frames the butt while giving them access to the anus for any butt play.  This option is great choice for those with an athletic fetish.

Some of the most expensive pairs of underwear out there contain the least amount of material.  In American culture, thongs have played an important role in human sexuality by revealing more flesh.  Part of the expense of thongs comes from the detailed work that goes into creating the authentic thong shape.  Some find them erotic and others find them comical.  Put one on and pretend to be an exotic dancer for your partner.  It may end laughter, but laughter is a great aphrodisiac.  The thong may be a fantastic, erotic surprise to keep in your arsenal.

Although we wear underwear everyday, it can help us feel a little more sexy if we're wearing a pair we feel good about.  In addition to feeling good, we can feel confident.  If you're trying to impress your partner, ask them what they want to see you in. You may have the idea that they want to see you in a pair of flannel boxers but they may secretly lust to see you in a leather jockstrap.  Men's underwear can be incredibly erotic if you just look outside the norm. This doesn't mean you need 30 pairs of $20 underwear, but start with one or two. It may make a world of difference in your foreplay.  Explore the limitless possibilities of underwear out there.  Whether you're laughing or grinding, underwear can make the moment.

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