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biopic_walrus.jpgThe first time I even thought of the idea of penis enlargement, I was around 14 years old. I had found some advertisement in my father's porn stash that appeared to have a giant erect penis inside of a penis pump, with words that said "Fill her up to the hilt!" Looking at my average early teen penis, I felt very inadequate and hoped that I wasn't doomed to have a tiny penis. Little did I know then it was actually a picture of John Holmes. Like most guys, the only other erect penises other than my own that I saw were in pornography. Sixteen years later and after trying nearly everything other than surgery, my penis is considerably larger. That said, I've learned that penis size isn't nearly as important as I thought it was.

Permanent penis enlargement does work. I've got no scientific study to prove this, only my own experience. Want to gain two inches of length? It is possible for most people, but very few are willing to take the time necessary to do this. With continuous dedication and time, my estimation is about a half inch per year. That's four years. This is a very long process taking several hours per day, and there's no guarantee you'll even get the gains. Some men have gained substantially faster, but they were very lucky and very obsessed with doing so.

What Doesn't Work?
Pills: I'm not saying there won't ever be something on the market that will make your penis grow. Most of what is out there is some herbal mixture that may induce substantially quicker and somewhat stronger erections. Watch closely at some ads for Enzyte. Does the commercial ever actually mention penis enlargement? It is "natural male enhancement". Most work is based on the concept of improving the blood flow to your penis. You would probably get better results from simply wearing a cock ring.

Bring on the Penis Pumps...
Even before penis pumps were brought into the mainstream conciseness via Austin Powers, I purchased a similar device in college. It was not cheap and other than the Swedish flag, I had the identical device locked away in my closet. I had to chuckle to myself when the beautiful girl behind the front desk of my dorm handed me the package. I rushed into my dorm room, excited to finally begin building the big dick I long wished to possess. My roommate was out and not supposed to return for hours. I pulled it out of its shipping package and could not wait to make my penis "dramatically larger" as promised in the ad. I started pumping and saw my penis grow much larger in the clear plastic cylinder. That's when I heard the door of my dorm room unlocking and learned I needed substantially more privacy to do this.

I also learned over time that penis pumps will make your penis larger - for a couple of hours. This works for girth more so than length and if you pump your penis up regularly, it will stay in a semi-swollen state and you will have a thicker penis. You will also have a somewhat irregularly shaped penis that is somewhat filled with fluid and less hard overall. I had more injuries using this device than anything else I've tried. There are many men who swear by pumps, but I would wager they just enjoy seeing their penis larger and larger by pumping harder. Just stay away from this. I'm convinced you might be able to sustain a bit more girth, but at the risk of softer erections.

Before trying any of these techniques may I stress that you can and probably will be injured at some point when trying any of these techniques, I know I have. Most athletes will get injured when working out and at some point in time you will get hurt. That said, if you take things slowly and allow your body to adjust to each of these techniques before over exerting your penis, you'll minimize potentially permanent damage.

Gauging your Success
Measuring properly is important to determining if you have any gains or not. Unless you have ridiculously low body fat, most men have some kind of fat pad at the base of their penis that effects how much of his penis is seen. Arguments can be made about how much is "usable" penis length. The fat pad is compressed during sexual contact, but no one can argue that part of the penis is visibly hidden by this fat pad. Inside of the penis enlargement community there are two numbers that are used for measuring length. Bone-Pressed (BP) and Non-Bone-Pressed (NBP) length. Usually this is referring to erect length. Bone pressed length is taking a ruler (or other measuring device), pushing it into your pelvic bone at the top of the penis, and measuring from base to tip. The exact same measurement but not pushed in is NBP. The reason NBP is important is that you are measuring consistent penis size changes, not body fat percentage changes. Only measure once a month, possibly a few times if you are changing your routine. And when you measure, wait at least 24 hours since the last time you did any penis enlargement exercises. Otherwise you run the risk of measuring swelling from a session that is not in fact permanent.

If you have any extra weight to lose, you will get substantially more bang for your buck in terms of diet and exercise. Losing weight will give you a seemingly larger penis. The fat pad will get smaller with weight loss. Many overweight men may have as much as 2 inches or more of their penis hidden by this. I've read numbers that losing 30 lbs will net a half-inch or more of visible penis length. Not to mention you will also look better as having a large penis isn't everything. Many men incorporate a better and healthy lifestyle along with penis enlargement for ever better gains. I have incorporated years of penis enlargement in without my wife ever knowing, and the only time she noticed my penis was any bigger was after losing 80 pounds. It's all about perspective.
Jelqing Technique
Jelqing is the simplest penis enlargement technique and should be part of every workout. This is making a ring with your index finger and thumb in an "okay" sign and squeezing the base of your penis. As you pull it the length of the shaft keeping the compression, you will force blood into your penis and expand the chambers. I'm uncircumcised, so I can easily do this without any kind of lubrication, but I know circumcised guys that do it with and without lube. Depending on how erect you are when you do this will effect if you gain more in length or girth. At a nearly flaccid state, the focus will be on length. At a nearly erect state, you will mostly in girth instead of length. Extra careful care needs to be taken when doing this in a fully erect state and should only be attempted once you have done this in a semi-erect state first.
One stroke from base to the head of your penis is one rep. Doing this slowly will get you more gains than quickly. I would start at around fifty repetitions once per day. After doing this without injury for a week, start ramping up the amount. You're going to have to start increasing this amount substantially, possibly five-hundred or more repetitions per day or more to see any gains.

Manual Stretching
I've tried and read about many manual stretches that effectively work for length. Without an erection, grab just below the head of your penis tightly (thumb on the bottom side) and put the length of your shaft across the top your other wrist. Push up with your wrist and down with other hand to create a large amount of tension. Now hold this for ten minutes or more. Then swap hands and repeat for another ten minutes, giving your penis a break if you feel any serious pain. This is cheap and easy to do, but it takes a lot of patience and time. And strong hands. There are dozens of other stretches people have come up, but nearly 100% of them are without an erection.

This is not for the faint of heart. Hanging is essentially attaching weights to your penis. Do not take string and try tying it to the head of your penis with weights. You will hurt yourself. There are a couple of commercial products that make attachments to your penis. Start out small, with just one pound and try it for a few minutes. Eventually you will get used to the weights and be able to increase this amount over time. I've had fifteen pounds attached to my penis before for twenty minutes and didn't experience any pain. This takes years to build up to. You have to do this very slowly and if your penis gets cold (yes, cold) disconnect the weights immediately to avoid injury.

For length, traction is my favorite method. There are a number of devices sold on the market now that will keep your flaccid penis in a semi pulled state for hours without serious injury. I found one based on a mild vacuum that I was able to wear under my clothes to work. The plastic along with silicone sleeve rolls onto the head of the penis, and then it is tied around your waist creating the light. Longer periods of time with lighter tension work substantially better than a lot of tension over a short period of time. This took some getting used to, and I even had some injury with keeping a light vacuum on the head of my penis, but eventually I got used to it. Devices like this can be difficult to use if you can't step away to go to the restroom because it does take some time to put on and take off. If you feel any pain when using it, take it off immediately.

Clamping is used primarily for girth and should not be attempted early on. This is very unsafe, but effective when i've done it. If you do not do this slowly, I can nearly guarantee you that you will injure yourself. Walmart sells "Cable Clamps" which are designed to clean up computer cords, but work well for these purposes. I usually wrap the base of my penis in a ace bandage material so that I have a full erection clamp, forcing blood so it stays within the penis. From here, slowly bend your penis the left for a total of thirty seconds. Then, to the right as for thirty seconds. After doing this a number of times, you penis will become very swollen. Over time, this translates into actual girth gains. Do not leave your penis clamped for more than 10 minutes at a time without taking breaks.

I've not done surgery, and I would not suggest it either. With surgery, you have risk of loss of feeling, permanent erection difficulties, scarring, and possibly much worse. Most surgical options still suggest doing many of the techniques outlined above afterwards, so if it can be done without the surgery, I recommend it. There are surgeries that just tackle appearance, length, and girth and from photos I'm sure that they work, but at what cost?

Other Thoughts:


The most common injuries come to the tissue of the skin of the penis and are superficial. This happens to everyone and when it does, take time to give your penis a break. Like cross training, many people will focus on length every other day and girth on the other days. You should not have sex immediately after doing these techniques, at least wait an hour or two. Do not be surprised to have weaker erections for a few hours after doing girth work. The injuries I've had that scared me the most involved injuries to the blood vessels in the penis itself, particularly thrombosis. Thrombosis is the formation of a blood clot inside of a blood vessel. The few times this has happened I took a few weeks off.

ED Drugs
For exercises that involve having an erect penis, particularly for extended lengths of time, it is common to use a half dose of your favorite ED Drug (Viagra, Cialis, etc.) to help maintain erections while doing something particularly not arousing. I've never used them, but then again I was in my 20s most of the time I was practicing penis enlargement exercises.

Common Questions:

Should you tell your partner?
Most men will keep this a secret from their partner. And why wouldn't they? If you are feeling inadequate about your penis, telling your partner that you are going to do something about it - which in most people's minds wouldn't work and sounds risky at best. While I haven't practiced what I'm preaching, I could have made so much more progress if I had.
If you do not have sufficient privacy or are living with your partner, I'd advise telling him or her about this fairly early on. You might be called crazy, but you won't be scrambling to remove a gadget that looks like a medieval torture device from your penis when someone arrives home from work early. I've done it dozens of times. I had to cut so many workouts short, and plan them for those rare moments when I've got a bit of free time. Short workouts will make gains nearly impossible.

I've finally reached my goal, am I done?
Yes and no. I'm convinced that for many men who embark on this lofty goal that no size other than monster will be enough. Assuming you have reached your goal, even once you are complete, you're going to have to do some maintenance. A term in the PE community is "cementing", which essentially means stopping your penis from shrinking.  If you do this for years and gain over an inch, you aren't going to lose your entire gains, but you will lose some of it if you stop cold turkey. If you don't overshoot somewhat or maintain a minimal level of workout, you might lose a quarter inch. Every little bit counts.

Ok, fess up, how much did you really gain?
It was around two inches in length and a quarter inch in girth. I started out around 6 inches in length and 5 inches in circumference, and now I'm around 8 inches in length with 5.25 inches in circumference. This took years, and since I started as a late teen, maybe part of this was finishing growing. I always wished I had spent a bit more time doing girth work and that's all I'm going to focus on for the future.

If this hasn't scared you off, let me reiterate that penis enlargement does work. But after doing this on and off for 12 years I've found that being obsessed about penis size will not improve your life or make a dramatic change if you're looking to do that. There are a lot of other things you can work on for self improvement, but if this is the one you choose, you can be successful with enough motivation, patience, and time.

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