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DS237A.jpgAnal play can be intimidating for a beginner.  There are so many things to think about when getting ready to explore the tookus.  Aside from having to worry about proper steps to prepare, one has to think about how to do the initial penetration, whether or not thrusting is on the menu for the big event, and what happens when the orgasm is done?

With the Anal Trainer Kit, there is no need to worry about the anal-apocalypse.   This set of 3 different butt plugs prepares the complete novice for extreme anal pleasure.  The small plug is 4.5 inches tall and 1 inch wide and can squeak into the tightest nooks and crannies.  The medium is 5 inches tall and 1.25 inches wide and a great option for the anus-familiar to pop in regularly.  The large is 6 inches tall and 2 inches wide and is a great goal for those that want to invest in long-term back-door action.
Although not noted on the packaging, the Sex is Fun crew initially believed that  the anal trainer kit plugs could be made of PVC.  The plugs have a plastic odor when opened initially, but the odor fades with time so perhaps it is just a residual  from the mold releasing agent or packaging.  Friends, family, and neighbors won't be smelling the anal trainer kit from the kitchen...unless you forget to wash them after you've pulled them from your back door.  When boiled, the plugs have no noticeable chemicals floating on the surface of the water.  They also retained their shape, demonstrating that they were made of a safe material.
The plugs were tested with silicone lube and there was no chemical reaction.  Silicone or water based lubricants are safe to use with these plugs.  Remember to roll a condom onto the plugs if sharing to avoid passing germs to your partners.
This kit is going to be great for a complete anal beginner.   The small is a simple start for someone who has never had anything up their ass and is nervous about the way things will feel.  Ease into penetration by teasing the nerves around the anus with the tip of the plug.  Once relaxed, insertion may be easier than expected.  In either the next plug session, or in the initial session, upgrade to the medium for a slightly more full feel.  The step from small to medium is not overwhelming and a great way to start testing anal limits.  The large is a great goal for beginning anal players.  The plug doesn't look as extreme as other plugs that are labeled as large.  It should be completely manageable for a beginner with practice. 
Those familiar with anal play might not find this set to be a challenge.  There are no extreme sizes and they max out at 6 inches in length.  For those that prefer length over girth, these plugs are not the right fit.  The large plug is great to keep on hand for regular use, however.
Once a beginner is past some of their initial concerns of anal exploration, they could challenge themselves in a number of ways.  Put one in and go dancing.  Keep a secret at work and wear one for a half day.  Wear one during dinner to surprise a partner when heading for bed.  Torment your partner by putting one in before they go and mow the lawn.  For the extreme adventurist,  wear one while working out.  The anal training doesn't need to stop just because the large can be accommodated!

The Anal Trainer Kit is a great way to start down the path to become an ass master and will keep your behind busy well into the night.

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