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thighcuffs_big.jpgThigh cuff circumference: 15 to 23 inches

Do you love bondage but find yourself bored of the same old ho-hum wrist and ankle cuff layout?  Have a fantasy about keeping your partner immobilized with their legs spread wide apart for you or about locking their thighs together and denying them any pleasure? Just love the look of leather restraints?  The Strict Leather Deluxe Locking Thigh Cuffs might be for you.
These thigh cuffs are the perfect balance of sturdy construction and soft luxurious comfort.  When you pick these cuffs up, it becomes clear from the weight and thickness that these are quality made restraints.  However, the soft, buttery feel of the leather will make them comfortable for longer term wear and ensure that your bottom isn't feeling any discomfort that you didn't intend for them to feel.
I am sure many intrepid tops have had a great time using just thigh cuffs. Lock the thighs together and proceed to drive the bottom to distraction with no chance of penetration.  Fun!  However, I think teaming them up with wrist cuffs is helpful for several reasons.  First of all, it is a relatively easy way to immobilize your partner and the amount of movement they will have will depend on what you allow.  When someone is on their back with wrists cuffed to their thighs they still have a decent amount of wiggle room, even if they won't be going anywhere anytime soon.  This position allows for some very nice small movements such as the bottom being able to touch themselves while you watch.  While I was kneeling over one of my partner's legs (doing very nice things to him of course) he was clever enough to find that he could touch my pussy.  If less movement is what you are going for, kneel down with your legs on the junction between the thigh and wrist cuffs.  This pins your partner down and will most likely totally immobilize them.  This would be a very good position for smaller tops to have complete control over a larger bottom's movement.  While I was never concerned for the safety of the thigh cuffs (they are strong!), make sure that the equipment you use to connect the thigh cuffs to the wrist cuffs is strong enough to hold or clever bottoms may break free.  
From the bottom's perspective, thigh cuffs connected to wrists can provide extra support in situations where you are holding your legs open for long periods of time.  Pulling with your arms will help to keep your legs open.  Also, bottoms who like to pull against their restraints to remind themselves of how helpless they are will really enjoy the feel of these. With wrists and thighs connected it is almost impossible to make even small movements without reminding yourself that you are restrained.
One quick reminder-make sure to measure your sweetie's thighs to ensure that these cuffs will fit before you buy them.  While the placement of the thigh cuffs will vary, it is probably a good idea to measure the largest part of the thigh to insure a good fit.

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