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nippleclamps_big.jpgNipple clamps can look scary and intimidating. Even people who love nipple stimulation can balk at the idea of a toy that has the word "clamp" in the title. What most people don't realize is that nipple clamps are not all about pain. Don't get me wrong. If you are all about pain nipple clamps can certainly provide for you in ample quantities. But clamps can give sensation in a wide range of intensity. They can be the subtle pressure that you feel whenever you move or they can be the demanding throb that you won't forget for a moment. They also look sexy as hell on people of any gender. Nipples, like the anus, are equal opportunity anatomical parts. So men, women, bois, and grrrls can all find enjoyment from nipple clamps.

There are many different kinds of clamps and most are adjustable. This is good news because it allows you to be in charge of exactly how tightly you wear them. How long you wear them is also a vital decision because the longer you wear them the more sensation you will experience once they come off. Think about what happens when your foot falls asleep. You know that feeling when it wakes back up? The sensation can range from lightly tingling to nearly excruciating? A similar range of sensations can occur when you remove any kind of clamp. So if you are deciding to push yourself as to how much sensation you can handle, make sure you factor into your decision the knowledge that more sensation is coming after the clamps come off.

For the Discriminating Nipple Clamp Consumer

There are several different types of nipple clamps out there. Three of the most prevalent varieties are tweezer clamps, alligator clamps, and clover clamps. They all have advantages and disadvantages, so choose wisely.

Tweezer clamps are common and excellent for people who are just beginning to experiment with nipple clamps. They get their name because they look like tweezers and have two long, thin prongs that pinch together to provide pressure. There is a small ring that goes around the base of the tweezers. As you slide this ring upward toward the prongs, it closes the clamps more tightly. If you want light pressure, slide the ring up just a little bit. If you want that intense pinch, crank that ring up higher. The adjustability of these clamps is one of the advantages of this style. They are usually rather light for those of you who don¡˜t want much weight hanging from your nipples.

Alligator clamps closely resemble clothespins in the way they function. However, unlike clothespins which have only one pressure setting, alligator clamps have a screw in them to provide a way to adjust the tightness. Alligator clamps will often be a bit heavier than tweezer clamps. While they probably have a similar range of pressure as tweezer clamps, the fact that they have a screw in them makes them look infinitely more badass. These clamps will be appealing for the crowd that tends toward a more brutal or industrial aesthetic.

Clover clamps are the most hard core of the bunch. They are designed to grip tightly. In fact, the more you pull on them, the tighter they become. These are also heavy and designed in such a way that they have metal mechanics that hang below the nipple. These look bad-ass, feel bad-ass, and while they are adjustable to a point, they are the most intense of the three styles. You¡˜ve been warned.

Proper Application

When putting on nipple clamps you want to make sure the nipple is aroused. Show those nipples some love so they are standing out proudly. The time spent arousing will not only be fun foreplay, it will make the attachment of the clamps more secure. Often you will want to attach the clamps a little bit behind the actual nipple to make sure they stay on. A good way to do this is to pinch the part of the areola right behind the nipple between your fingers and draw it out a bit, placing the clamp on that part.

If the clamps you have chosen have some kind of decorative add on such as beading or connective chains, realize that these are not just for looks. Anytime there is movement the beads or chain will swing, sending more sensation to the person wearing them. Use this to your advantage. Other fun tricks include touching a vibrator to the end of the clamp, or giving the clamp a little tug. As you might guess, one of these is likely to be pleasurable and the other more likely to be painfully pleasurable. Try alternating between the two to make your partner crazy with sensation overload. Be creative and you will begin to appreciate the true versatility of sensation that nipple clamps can offer.

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