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excel_big.jpgThe Nexus Excel was the first Nexus Male G Spot toy to hit the market and became an instant classic - the Mozart of prostate stimulators, so to speak. The elegant hardplastic stimulator may look intimidating, but with a "Best Product Design Award" from the Brussels Erotica Awards in 2006, it is one is nearly assured to deliver an unforgettable sexual crescendo.

Before relaying my sexual symphony, I want to familiarize the audience with the instrument at hand. A prostate stimulator is meant to be inserted in to the anus where the tip presses against the prostate. With a little squeezing of the anal sphincter the nerves in the prostate are stimulated, resulting in extremely pleasurable results for many who attempt to play in this way.

The Excel can be understood better if we break it down in to four primary components. The prostate stimulator tip, that is is the largest part of the toy is not unlike a misshapen egg and is the primary force stimulating the prostate itself. The second is the neck which aides penetration in that it provides relief as it narrows before it widens as it slides in. The third is the body that gives the user a very full, sturdy feeling in the anal canal. Finally, the flared base which curves gradually and becomes the handle.

The handle consists of 2 parts. In the rear there is a convenient handle that makes inserting, removing, and positioning a snap. In the front you will find an innovative perineum stimulator with an embedded stainless steel ball bearing which plays an essential secondary partner. The perineum stimulator puts a focused amount of pressure on the perineum and massages this often-neglected part of the male anatomy.

When experimenting with the Excel, silicone lubricant was used but, a water-based lube would certainly do the job as this toy isn't going to be sliding in and out. Since the toy is plastic, there's no need to worry about chemical reactions that may occur with lube.

It is necessary to note that this toy is not for the beginner. The Excel is large with little bend or give. Intermediaries may want to warm-up with a familiar repertoire such as smaller anal plugs or dildos. The Excel is thick and will take some work to get in. With patience, dedication, and arousal, anal penetration yearnings will be quenched. Move at a manageable tempo when inserting the Excel. Take deep breaths to relax and don't be afraid to apply more lubricant. Masturbate gently and slowly while sliding the toy in. Keep the hormones pumping. The top of the head has a slight tip, which can be used to arouse the anus. Try rubbing it in circles, pressing it in, and then withdrawing it. This penetrative tease will warm the body up for the whole toy.

Once the toy is in, the user is in store for a fantastic time. The toy will settle in just as it was intended. The top flare will rest right on the prostate. Although the Excel has no flexibility, it creates a delightful pressure that is constant but firm. The metal ball of the perineum stimulator rolls around to surprise the user with varying levels of pressure to engage multiple erogenous zones. One caution: those with a "steep" perineum may encounter challenges in placing the perineum stimulator, especially when aroused as the area is very firm. I found that when using this, the metal ball often rolled the perineum stimulator to my leg joint. This can be jolting. Use the handle to control where the taint stimulator rests and to create varying levels of pressure on both the prostate and the perineum.

Experiment with a multitude of positions: On your back, the stimulator reacts to every external movement. Stand up with the stimulator in to pleasurably elicit some of your best posture. With each bodily shift, you'll discover a new sensation.

Perhaps my favorite was kneeling on all fours while rocking my hips. This squeezed out more precum than I would have guessed. I tried using a masturbation sleeve with the Excel in and the experience was fantastic. It did bring me to the edge of orgasm very quickly and it took a lot of control to stop and calm down.

When using this with a partner, be very vocal about when something is too much and when it's not enough. If your partner wants to masturbate you, let them know when the stimulator is getting you close and when they should back off. Edging with this toy makes for an explosive, exhausting orgasm.

When you're done with this toy, you're going to feel worn out. The Excel brings out a lot of feelings, both physically and emotionally. When taking the toy out, move slowly. This will be tough if your prostate is over-stimulated. Relax and withdraw; don't just pop it out or you may cause discomfort.

Cleaning the Excel is a snap - rinse it off with some soap and water. Boil it for extra sanitation. Remove the stainless steel ball with the tool provided if boiling or cleaning in the dishwasher.

Anal players are in store for a masturbatory masterpiece with the Nexus Excel.

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