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paddle_big.jpgMy wife Jade and I are by no means BDSM experts. We've tied each other up, and played with spankers and wispy whips. We've got a decent set of leather padded cuffs, collars, and a blindfold that we both enjoy when we dig them out a couple of times per year. Jade has a pretty hot looking leather corset and I won't deny that we both go pretty much ape-shit when she wears her strap on harness. Even though we've played with many of theses toys and reviewed many books and videos on the topic, it just hasn't caught on as a staple in our lovemaking. We've always felt more like BDSM is better for us on rare occasions when our kink needs to be let out of its cage for a little free time.

When we got the Impressions Paddle from Extreme Restraints, we realized that we found the perfect edition to our arsenal of occasional use kink toys. Though it seems fun  and amusing, don't confuse this for a novelty item. It is a very well made paddle. Two leather-ish flaps extend from the handle making the most delicious noise as they crash together on impact. It sounds intimidating even if you only lightly wield it against flesh or simply in mid-air. One of the flaps is flat and the other has a word carved out of it. Currently you can choose, Boy, Pig, Love, or Slut. We have the Slut and it is quite fitting for the two of us.

When properly applied, the Impressions Paddle will leave the word clearly stamped on your skin for several hours. In one test we administered to The Lorax Girl's pigment-deficient ass, the mark was perfectly legible until the next morning. To get the best results use on an unspanked area of skin. If you are intending to perform a lengthy disciplinary action on your playmate, be sure to leave an appropriate sized piece of virginal skin because legibility is reliant on the contrast between spanked and unspanked skin. You'll also want to take care to hit your spot with a good flat spank or you'll end up with a "...ULT" or "SLU..." imprinted on your ass-canvas.

The interesting thing about using a paddle that leaves a mark like this is how it makes you feel afterward. When you are branded with word "SLUT" on your ass you feel kinda dirty. I didn't think that I'd have noticed any change in my overall mood but I did feel like a dirty slut after I'd been marked.

So look out everybody! If you are ever at a BDSM club and you see a cute girl in a leather corset holding a leash connected to a collar on a man with the word "SLUT" embedded on his ass, it may just be the writer of this review.

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