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erection-remedies_big.jpgErectile dysfunction affects nearly all men at some point in their lives. For some men it is a debilitating long term inability to achieve a stiffy long enough to even begin intercourse, for others they may find that they may get a flat before road trip is over. Others may just notice that occasionally their penises aren't in the mood even thought their brain, body, and partner(s) are desperate to get some. The worst and unfortunately the most common times that men experience ED are those perfect moments where you finally find yourself in that once in a life time threesome opportunity that isn't coming again anytime soon.

Science, in conjunction with incredibly profitable pharma-corps have given us several drugs that will successfully treat the vast majority of erectile problems that most men face. While there is absolutely no shame in taking a pill, treating the problem, and getting on with your life, these pills are expensive and are not without side effects. Still, lighter wallets, flushed faces and slightly blue vision are rarely seen as more than tiny obstacles to men who desire to plow their partners with proud pulsating penises of prodigious proportions. Really, the largest obstacle that most men face when getting a bottle of bona fide erection pills is talking to their doctors. Once this stuff goes over-the-counter, I expect the number of unmedicated erections on men between the ages of 45-100 to be no higher than the amount of Zune players still in operation at the end of 2011.

While men SHOULD go see their doctors whether or not they need a hit of the latest boner pill, many if not most men with erectile dysfunction can be treated without pills, or penile implants. It may take a little work, a few changes to your lifestyle, and perhaps some patience from both you and your partner, but it may also add some benefits that may do more for your sex life than just a stiff penis.

There are many physical and psychological reasons that your penis may not be performing up to your desired standards. Kidney disease, nerve damage, hormonal imbalances, vascular damage, as well as, medication, tobacco, alcohol or drug use are just a few of the physical reasons for why a penis goes soft. This is why having a good relationship with your doctor may be as important to erection strength as your relationship with your partner. Only a qualified physician can diagnose a potentially life threatening illness that may first manifest itself with erection difficulty. So be sure and be honest if you are having trouble getting wood when your doctor looks you in the eye and asks, "Are you having any health concerns that you'd like to tell me about?"

Taking care of your health is an important consideration when it comes to having good sex. Expect and accept that your body will no longer allow you to drink all night long, eat nothing but day old pizza and still be able to splice genitals with anyone you wish when you were in your twenties. As you age you must take care of your body for your body to take care of your sexual needs. This means, a reasonable amount of diet and exercise needs to be a part of your life.

Take my physical challenge for two weeks and see if you don't notice a difference in your erection strengh and stamina.

Kidder's Erection Maintenance Program:

Limit your alcohol consumption to two drinks per week.

If you are addicted to nicotine, talk to your doctor about Chantix. This stuff is magic and makes smoking completely unfun for even the worst chain-smokers. If you want a beefy erection, you simply cannot use nicotine products. Nicotine is a vasoconstrictor and when your blood vessels are constricted, you simply can't get as engorged as when you aren't using nicotine. The good news is that you should notice a difference after only 72 hours of ceasing nicotine use.

Don't use uppers of any kind. This means no caffeine, amphetamines, cocaine, or speed. While we're at it don't use heroine either. Not because it is an upper, because it kills boners dead. All opiates do, so get off the smack before we start contemplating your boner.

Exercise! If your doctor says you can safely do so, spend some time getting your heart rate up for 30 minutes a day. This does wonders for your penis and your heart. Skip the weights, do kegels. Flex and release your pelvic floor muscles several hundred times per day. Next time you are urinating, pinch off the flow mid-stream. There, you just did a Kegel. The more of these you do, the stronger your erection supporting tissues will be. If you wanna soup up your strengthening program, place a wet washcloth over your erection and see how many times you can raise it up and down.

Get a perineum massage. If you have a partner ask him or her to massage your taint by rubbing oiled thumbs from your anus all the way up to the bottom of your scrotum. This relaxes you and your blood vessels. If you don't have a partner you can practice with, do it to yourself. Put something soft (like a balled up pair of socks) on the corner of a chair and sit your taint down on it. Then rock back and forth. While you are at it, try masturbating and see if your boner doesn't feel a bit firmer while you get your perineum massaged.

Stay hydrated. Get off the soda and sugar-laden juices. Drink water and lots of it. While some dietary experts recommend eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day or 1.9 liters. I don't know where this number came from except that I do know it isn't based on any scientific evidence. I suggest instead, drink water whenever you are thirsty and drink enough water so that you never experience any symptoms of dehydration. Obviously the amount of water a person needs per day varies. You need to replace all water lost to urination or perspiration, the average for most people is around 1.5 liters. If your urine is colorless or slightly yellow, you are probably getting enough water.

Eat healthy. Reduce the amount of fat and cholesterol you intake. If you are a vegetarian, up your wheat germ and pecans intake or consider taking a zinc supplement. Zinc is an important mineral for healthy erections and it is easy to find for someone eating oysters but is rare to find in a cucumber. While you are at it, try upping you vitamin E intake with raw unsalted sunflowers seeds, or almonds. If you are heading to the vitamin store anyway, pick up some Ginko Biloba. Sixty milligrams of this stuff may just be the vasodilator your diet needs. Get more fiber in your diet. I've got very little science to back this up other than to say, I can think of nothing that makes me wanna have sex less than being constipated.

There may also be psychological reasons for a frightened erection and they maybe even harder to identify and treat. Stress and worry are well known boner-killers and the worst part about worry is that worry my cause you to have lose your erection and then worrying about losing your erection may cause you to worry even more!

Take the pressure off of your erection. Have a conversation with your partner and agree that your erection isn't necessary for you to both share wonderful intimacy together. If it happens great, if not play together in ways that do not require a hard penis. Dry and wet humping while kissing is wonderful. Use your fingers, tongue, mouth, and toys. Consider using a cock ring to help trap blood in your erection. Even if you are only semi-erect grip your cock by the base and shove it in anyway. Use small movements that keep you from popping out. You never know, perhaps your penis will get the message and start responding. Blow jobs can feel great on a penis regardless of its size and engorgement.

Knowing that your partner loves you and can be sexually satisfied regardless of the condition of your penis will remove pressure from you and pressure is counter productive when it comes to erections.

Masturbate but don't finish. As we age our refractory period gets longer. What may have just been 10 minutes of necessary downtime when we were 16 may last for days as we truck over that hill. Masturbation is good for you, but achieving ejaculation my just blow the wad that was intended for your partner. Get aroused and erect and enjoy yourself to just before the point of no return. Do this three times if you like. Do it until it drives you crazy if you must, but keep this passion for your next sexual rendezvous.

Use lube and make sure your partner is aroused. I've lost more than my share of erections due to an uncomfortable entry. In the middle of love making you may be capable of using the peek of your arousal to get you in to penis bending positions that do nothing but make you want to do it harder and faster. If so, do it, but don't do anything to make your penis uncomfortable while it is testing the waters. Choose a position that allows you to glide in without much resistance and once there relax. Allow the arousal to happen naturally. Trying to get yourself pumped up is no way to keep a penis hard.

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