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housewives.jpgDespite my deep love for sexy stories and pictures, dirty comics are not something that I would think of buying for myself.  That is why I am so happy that Eros Comix sent me two amazing publications from their Housewives series.  I loved these comics immediately.  They were so hot that I wanted to show all my friends.  But there is no way I am lending them out to any of these friends because I am afraid that I won't get them back.  

The Housewives series, drawn by Rebecca, are collections of full page black and white pencil shaded images.  These comics do not have any text or direct story line.  However, the drawings tell their stories very clearly. Rebecca has an amazing talent for capturing the milieu of white, middle class suburbia and proceeding to imagine the pornographic leanings behind the wholesome exteriors.  In fact, the subversion of female stereotypes like the doting PTO mom and the American Eagle teenage daughter are the focus of these images.  Refrigerators covered in notes and children's art loiter in the background as a sleek haired lady puts her thumbs into the pussy and ass of a motherly looking woman.  A young mother holds a grown woman to her breast, sucking her milk, as a small crucifix necklace dangles from her neck.  In a piece entitled, "Snap, Crackle, Piss" a pajama clad young woman forces as her friend to pee into her breakfast cereal.  These pictures are dirty, edgy, and oftentimes pretty hilarious.

Rebecca excels at taking images of people we tend to think of as sexless and pure and putting them into very dirty situations.  She plays with many taboos in these books, including implied incest, young mothers doing kinky things with their breast milk, and humiliation scenes.  One of the comix I was sent is called, "Mothers and Daughters".  As the young lady in the back of the book reminds her readers, "All of us girls just celebrated our 18th birthday.  Isn't that a coincidence?".  The cover shows what looks to be an initiation scene where nude mother and daughter sit pondering the vibrator the mother holds.  While some people may find these fantasy scenarios challenging, it is exciting to see Rebecca deliberately challenge our perceptions of women's sexuality by eroticizing mothers in ways that Good Housekeeping would never encourage.

housewives2.jpgThe best part of these pictures are that Rebecca makes them all so familiar and real.  When you look at the drawings of the attractive conservative mother you can picture all the people you know that look just like her.  It makes you wonder what kind of sex actually goes on behind the double french doors of the master bedroom suite.  These comics have made driving through the suburbs sexy as I picture the kinky sex people must be having in their rec rooms or tied to the tree out back in their giant fenced in yard.  In the end it isn't even about the sex people are actually having.  The greatest triumph of these books, in my opinion, is to acknowledge the sexual fantasy life that is so often repressed in an attempt to maintain the appearance of normalcy.  You might be able to hide desire from your neighbors.  You might be able to hide desire from yourself.  But there is no way you can hide desire from Rebecca.  She knows that there is no normalcy when it comes to fantasy.

If you like erotic art that pushes the boundaries of our social taboos regarding new mothers, newly-of-age daughters, housewives, and stay-at-home-moms, you must seek out Rebecca and Eros Comix's Housewives series.  

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