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lubes.jpgLube. So often overlooked for shinier, buzzier, sexy-dirtier items in the sex shop. Poor lube. Looking so very every-day in packaging reminiscent of sun screen. But lube can be life changing. Seriously! Whenever I play that game of "you are stuck on an island and can only bring five things" I tend to get stumped because I want to bring at least three different kinds of lube and then I don't have room to take all four Twilight novels. The thing about lube is that there are lots of different kinds and each kind is good for different things. Don't worry, after reading this article you will be sorting lubes like a pro.

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SmallThings_small.jpgMy mailbox is full of samples from people and companies schlepping something that they believe is the next big thing in the sex industry. On any given day of the week, I'll come into the office and see a box on my desk that may contain alien shaped and colored dildos, a patented penis stretching device, or on a good day, a box of artificial vaginas fresh off the mold from some porn star I've never even heard of. But every once in a while I find a rare gem that really "hits me where I live," to steal a line from Laura Rad.

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erection-remedies.jpgErectile dysfunction affects nearly all men at some point in their lives. For some men it is a debilitating long term inability to achieve a stiffy long enough to even begin intercourse, for others they may find that they may get a flat before road trip is over. Others may just notice that occasionally their penises aren't in the mood even thought their brain, body, and partner(s) are desperate to get some. The worst and unfortunately the most common times that men experience ED are those perfect moments where you finally find yourself in that once in a life time threesome opportunity that isn't coming again anytime soon.

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date_night.jpgThe honeymoon is long over and all of that the passionate lovemaking that used to be common place in your marriage has resulted in a few noisy rug rats that won't give you even ten minutes of peace for a quickie. The career is a boner killer and the yard needs to be mowed yet again. The longer this goes on, the more worn down you feel. The seven year itch has festered and scabbed over to the point where passion is just another unfulfilled emotional need that has become little more than a faded memory. Many of the couples in this rut are either biding their time and promising that someday they'll get time for each other. Others are getting their needs met on the side.

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paddle.jpgMy wife Jade and I are by no means BDSM experts. We've tied each other up, and played with spankers and wispy whips. We've got a decent set of leather padded cuffs, collars, and a blindfold that we both enjoy when we dig them out a couple of times per year. Jade has a pretty hot looking leather corset and I won't deny that we both go pretty much ape-shit when she wears her strap on harness. Even though we've played with many of theses toys and reviewed many books and videos on the topic, it just hasn't caught on as a staple in our lovemaking. We've always felt more like BDSM is better for us on rare occasions when our kink needs to be let out of its cage for a little free time.

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