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nipple_clamps.jpgWhen I opened the package that Extreme Restraints sent, I had moderate hopes for the product inside. The Nipple to Clit Tweezer Clamp Set looks rather unassuming, which could be a funny thing to say about a toy that is meant to be clamped to some of your most sensitive bits and has a substantial silver chain connecting it all together. Still, it can feel that once youʼve seen 20 to 30 sets of nipple clamps you have seen them all. "Ha!" I thought, "Just try to impress me, Nipple to Clit Tweezer Clamp Set!" Well, it turns out that it did.

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Talk to MeAs a sex educator often I spend more time talking about communication than about vibrators, condoms, and anatomical function put together. From what I have experienced, it seems that the biggest indicator of whether or not you will achieve your sexual and emotional desires is largely dependent on how good of a communicator you are. Take a look at the various sources relationship advice. It may be phrased differently but I guarantee you that the majority of advice out there boils down to three things: communication, talking more, and communication. So there it is, your magic bullet. That said, if it is that easy why are people still hesitant to be open and honest with each other about what they want and need?

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sex-worker.jpg"Do you know what time the 4B is supposed to come?" she asked. The woman waiting for the bus next to me was classically beautiful with a wide friendly smile. She sparked my curiosity right away. She had perfect hair and makeup, a stylish outfit, and she was carrying a baseball jersey with her. It too was perfect-pressed and on a hanger. We talked about the lateness of our busses. She mentioned that she might be late for her job as a bartender at a hot downtown restaurant and then asked me what it is that I do. I replied that I was a sex educator and I saw excitement flair behind her eyes. Here it comes, I thought. "That is so great! Well here is the thing about me..."

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housewives.jpgDespite my deep love for sexy stories and pictures, dirty comics are not something that I would think of buying for myself. That is why I am so happy that Eros Comix sent me two amazing publications from their Housewives series. I loved these comics immediately. They were so hot that I wanted to show all my friends. But there is no way I am lending them out to any of these friends because I am afraid that I won't get them back.

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Sex Toy ShoppingWalking into a sex toy shop for the first time can be an intimidating task. What if I pick something up to look at it and everyone looks at me? What if the store clerk laughs at me? What if I see something freaky and I trip and fall into a display of butt plugs? Who knows what will be in there on those shelves. Oh my god, do they even have shelves?

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