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coming-out.jpgComing out is an incredibly tough choice and there are so many things to take into account before taking it on. The media presents coming out as a process that is usually painless and viewed as a joke - some obvious, effeminate man identifies himself as a homosexual, everyone has a laugh, and the plot continues. However, there are countless faces in America and around the world of homeless lesbian, gay, bi, and transsexual people. As a matter of fact, the majority of homeless youth primarily consists of GLBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender) youth. It's fantastic that people are coming out earlier and earlier in life, but one can put themselves at risk by doing so. Here are some tips to consider before coming out.

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vulvaphobia.jpgEvery time I'm out with a friend who is gay, he seems to refer to the vulva as a bad thing; a really, bad thing; a scary, unknown, horrible monster that is going to eat you when you go to sleep thing. In all honesty, I used to be a counselor of that camp. The idea of labia flapping in the breeze and trying to vacuum my dick in to a lady's nether regions terrified me. Birds could be creating nests in there. It could queef at you in defiance. There is a movie with the premise of a young girl who gets raped and, in an act of revenge, her vagina grows teeth to bite off any penises attached to men whom anger her. Teeth! AH!

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Cowboy.jpgMuch to the dismay of my growling stomach, we're lying naked in bed with one another. It's Sunday and you'll have to go home tonight. The windows are open and the wind in the trees lulls us in and out of sleep. The thought of unraveling from your torso seems impossible. Your breath and heartbeat are just too soothing.

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excel.jpgThe Nexus Excel was the first Nexus Male G Spot toy to hit the market and became an instant classic - the Mozart of prostate stimulators, so to speak. The elegant hardplastic stimulator may look intimidating, but with a "Best Product Design Award" from the Brussels Erotica Awards in 2006, it is one is nearly assured to deliver an unforgettable sexual crescendo.

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nippleclamps.jpgNipple clamps can look scary and intimidating. Even people who love nipple stimulation can balk at the idea of a toy that has the word "clamp" in the title. What most people don't realize is that nipple clamps are not all about pain. Don't get me wrong. If you are all about pain nipple clamps can certainly provide for you in ample quantities. But clamps can give sensation in a wide range of intensity. They can be the subtle pressure that you feel whenever you move or they can be the demanding throb that you won't forget for a moment. They also look sexy as hell on people of any gender. Nipples, like the anus, are equal opportunity anatomical parts. So men, women, bois, and grrrls can all find enjoyment from nipple clamps.

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